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Whether or not to upgrade to Windows 10?

Whether you can upgrade to better Windows 10 or not, depends on a few things. Use a computer at age, say from 4 years of age or older, then chances are that you will soon want to make the switch to a new. In such a case it might not be worth it to Windows 10 ultimate. But your computer is relatively young and are you going there for a while, then we recommend you in the ’ progress ’.

Is the upgrade to Windows 10 mandatory?

No, you can simply continue to use your previous version of Windows. Though there will be for your current version of Windows to some time no more security updates and patches appear, because the attention of Microsoft to the newer versions.

What happens if I upgrade to Windows 10?

When you the message that you can install Windows 10, put your confirmation a download of windows 10 product key .You will then be led through the usual steps. A test version showed that Windows 10 lighter than its predecessors, resulting in faster startup and a lower load on the system.

Microsoft indicates that your files, photos and music just maintained. When upgrading an automatic back-up of your current system in the form of a URwindows.old file. Within 30 days after upgrading you can still back to your old operating system. Any changes to files that you created in cheap Windows 10 professional product key has remain preserved. PLEASE NOTE! When you perform a recovery in Windows 10 professional activation key you are your URwindows.old file.

To be sure, it is always good to have a backup, before proceeding with the upgrade. If the hard drive during installation, the power outages or lightning go bust, then that process best ever get a hit. So that is why it is important to always back up your own. When upgrading your system settings (for example, “file name extensions in the Explorer) by Windows 10. The switch to this operating system will so very smooth.

What are the system requirements of Windows 10?


Windows 10 is created with a view to the future. That means that the operating system on older laptops and desktops less working properly. The idea is that Windows 10 in each case is suitable for computers windows 10 ultimate key that now run on Windows 8.1. The system requirements are as follows:

1 GHz processor or higher
1 GB memory for the 32-bit version or 64-bit 2 GB for the system
16 GB of storage space on the hard drive
A DirectX 9 video card with WDDM driver
What does Windows 10?

Nothing, but with a side note. For users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is upgrading to Windows 10 free for a year. That year is going in from the moment Windows 10 appears. After the upgrade the use itself just free.

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Read this before you install Windows 7

It’s not often a non-finished operating system gets so much boasting as is the case with Windows 7 has been under development. The enthusiasm is back, both at Microsoft and among the public. Most predict that Windows 7 is going to be a success, and will give Microsoft a boost after a less fortunate Vista-period.

See also here is Windows 7-news

Tempting? Of course. But even if the operating system windows 7 keys seems to be solid, there are a few things you should be aware of before you replace the XP or Vista with Windows 7.

Here are some of the most important:

1. User interface in Windows 7 are not extremely different from Windows Vista. If you have Windows Vista and is satisfied with the windows 7 product key performance and the user interface, you may want to think twice before going to the purchase of Windows 7.

2. Even if Windows 7 seems to be far more “done” than Windows Vista was on launch time, it almost always pops up undiscovered error the first time. Historically, this means that if you are keen to have a the most error-free system, it may be smart to wait until the first major update is in place (Service Pack 1).

3. It is tempting to choose a so-called OEM version of Windows 7 If you’re shopping in the online store, as these are cheaper than regular versions. Even if the operating system is the same as a full version, is such a version linked to one PC. It means that the license does not follow the operating system, but the PC Windows will be installed on.

4. Windows 7 is not compatible with all PC’s and peripherals! Even if the requirements are lower than for Vista, you may find that things don’t work as they should, especially if you have a PC that is starting to drag on the years. A good indication you can get by looking for the Vista drivers from the manufacturer. These exist, there is a great chance that they will also work in Windows 7.

5. Not all programs work as well in Windows 7 as in earlier versions of Windows, even if most do it. The much talked about XP mode makes it possible to run old programs, but it is not always the best solution.


6. download the Windows 7 or Windows Vista-drivers for the network card in your PC before you start the installation. There is a great chance that Windows 7 already have these drivers, but for safety’s sake you should have these in hand, on a CD or memory plugin. Then you are sure that you can get on the Web quickly after installation, to download any other drivers you may need.

7. avoid upgrading. To upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 is not only terribly time consuming, error sources are also extremely numerous. The result is certainly buy windows 7 professional activation key a far worse user experience than by a so called clean install. It is best to install Windows 7 on a blank hard disk or partition. It will save you a lot of concerns.

8. Regardless of whether you choose to upgrade or to perform a clean installation: back up of everything you want to take care of before you install Windows 7. All documents, photos, music, movies. The easiest way is to use an external hard drive for the purpose.

9. you cannot upgrade from Windows XP! Yes, you can purchase an upgrade license, but the only way to get Windows 7 installed for XP users, is to take a clean installation. It means that you must post all programs cheap windows 7 professional product key and user files after installation.

10. remember that you must have the installation files available for all the programs you want to use in Windows 7. Everything has to be reinstalled namely if you have followed the advice 7.

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Controversial function divides into Windows 10 Wi-Fi key via Facebook

While the announced release date for Windows 10 on 27 July 2015 draws ever closer, build Microsoft Insider Preview on individual functions. At least one of them provides for discord: A Wi-Fi setting allows the automatic sharing Wi-Fi keys with Facebook, Skype and Outlook contacts.

The corresponding function is a setting that was already integrated into Windows phone 8.1 in a similar form. The feature windows 10 license titled in the English version as a WiFi-sense has no own name in the German version.

A by default enabled slider allows the key to a network with which your host is connected or was about Facebook, Outlook, or Skype to your own contacts encrypted to pass. To enable sharing, selected the correct network and the network key again entered by hand. The contacts also have Windows 10 with activated “WiFi-sense”-, this can then use the network for an Internet connection, as soon as they are setting cheap windows 10 key online sale themselves within easy reach.

According to Microsoft, this to avoid feature Frust situations and even encourage safety: instead of having to write down a password for friends and acquaintances, this will so encrypted and automatically propagated. In the corresponding to Windows phone of existing FAQs, the company emphasizes hereby would grant no access to network folders or private data. The contacts can use the network windows 10 product key sale only for the Internet connection.


However, this feature is highly questionable. For one, Microsoft thus creating a database in the network information bundled exist. An encrypted communication of this data is not reliably safely, especially since testers of the Windows 10 insider preview several weaknesses in the Internet encryption methods are noticed in the past few months.

Also there is no more possibility of fine-tuning: you can choose whether the keys with Facebook, Outlook and or or Skype contacts should be shared. Within this group targeted buy cheap windows 10 product key contacts to select or exclude isn’t however. This is a significant weakness: so it may happen as quickly to record a fake Facebook profile accidentally in his friend list. Effectively giving them control, who owns the network key - and what then is this person over the Internet thus gained - so out of hand. Who is interested in security, should give a wide berth to this setting.

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How to disable automatic updates for Windows 7?

Windows 7 and other Windows operating systems from Microsoft, the default download for OS updates from their servers. This is actually a very useful function, which you can close those holes, through which earlier on your computer can get a virus or Trojan. True, the problem is that the update windows 7 download prevent users as it can clog the Canal. Accordingly, Internet slower works sites are opened very long. … In such cases, you can disable automatic updates to the operating system.

Specially for you we have prepared a very simple statement. With pictures!

Step one-click on the Start button and select Control Panel.

Once in the section, select “Windows 7 Update”.

Before you opened a new window 7 in which you see the date of the last search updates, the date of their last installation, etc. on the left side of the window, locate the option “customize settings” and click on it.

See the section “critical updates”? Clicking on the button below it, you can see a few possible options for upgrading the OS. You need to select windows 7 update never check for updates (not recommended). “

Then do not forget to press the button OK to save the changes. The process is over.

ATTENTION! If possible try not to disable auto-update Windows 7, because you can skip the next "patch”, capable to make your PC unusable, for example, hacker attacks!

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Windows 7 windows 7 update

How to download Windows 7 product key if available legally (not for OEM versions)

Windows 8 and 8.1 the official possibility to download the ISO image, if you have a key, or even immediately burn a bootable USB flash drive is there almost immediately after the release of the operating system (more details here in the second part). And that’s now appeared and Windows 7 — all you need is a license key system to download Windows 7 (original) from the Microsoft website.

Unfortunately, the OEM version (pre-installed on most laptops and computers) do not pass checks on the download page. This means that you can use this method only if you purchased a separate disk or operating system key.

All you need to do to download a DVD image with your version of Windows 7 — visit the official page of Microsoft Software Recovery http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-recovery, then:

1.Skip the first paragraph of the statement, which says that you should have enough space on your hard drive (from 2 to 3.5 gigabytes, depending on the version), as well as the fact that the ISO you downloaded you will need to burn to a disc or USB flash drive.
2.Enter the product key that is specified inside the box with a DVD, which you bought Windows 7 or is sent by e-mail, if you have made any purchases online.
3.Select the system language.

Once this is done, click “Next-Verify Product Key» (hereinafter-Check product key). A message appears stating that Windows 7 key checker is running and you should wait without refreshing the page and pressing "back”.

Unfortunately, I have a pre-installed version key only, resulting in a system I get the expected message that the product is not supported and I should contact the hardware manufacturer for recovery.

The same users who are owners of the Retail version of OS will be able to download the ISO image of the system.

The new feature can be very useful, especially in cases where the drive with Windows 7 pocarapalsâ or lost, you lose the product key and license, and you must install the operating system exactly from the original distribution.

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Activation key for Windows 7

The keys of this list will only be used if you really know why they, in any other case, we recommend you use the Activator!

Keys for different editions of the OS-use only if you know why windows 7 pro product key 2016 (the keys are taken from open sources):

After the release of Windows 7, the question arose about how to activate Windows 7?
In fact, everything is not so difficult. To activate an activation key windows 7 ultimate or another edition, you need to follow some simple steps:
Open “my computer-> properties
Further click "change product key” and enter the windows professional 7 key code windows 7 or any of the following windows 7 product keys 2016 for Windows 7.

Windows 7 HOME PREMIUM keys


Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL keys


Windows 7 ULTIMATE Maximum Activation key


did not help?

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