North Carolina Drug Testing and Workers’ Comp Laws

North Carolina Workers' Compensation Laws and Regulations of this StateNorth Carolina Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

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NORTH CAROLINA State Law Summary – Workplace Drug/Alcohol Testing 

GENERAL COMMENTS: North Carolina is a “mandatory” state, with method of testing requirements.

POLICY: NO law requires a written policy; however, for workers compensation/unemployment purposes employers SHOULD have written policy.

NOTICE: NO notice or posting requirements in this state.

COSTS: Not specified.

CONSEQUENCES: NO limits exist under state law or court decision.

NO limits exist under state law or court decision.

WHAT: NO limits exist under state law or court decision.

WHERE: NO limits exist under state law or court decision, but required state test methods may limit where testing is conducted.

WHEN: NO limits exist under state law or court decision.

HOW: All tests of any part of the human body must meet state test methods and procedures.

OTHER STATE PECULIARITIES: No significant other laws directly related to workplace drug/alcohol testing.

Updated 11/21/11

The material on this page has been provided by our resource partner Park-Dickens Group, distributor of FIGHTREADY™, an automated process for state specific, post-accident policies and procedures to help defend against workers' comp claims involving drug and alcohol intoxication. For a copy of the state laws, regulations, statutes, court decisions, or cases involved, email Bill Judge.

WARNING: This information is presented after a review of the statutes, regulations and court decisions in this state. This information is subject to frequent change and inherently involves our opinion in certain instances and you may disagree. This information is presented for general educational purposes only -- IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE LEGAL OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.  Always consult your legal and medical professionals before making any decisions.

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