Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Rhode Island Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Rules
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I. General Rules

II. Trial

III. Records

IV. Appeals

V. Pro Hac Vice

COLA Reimbursement

Coordination of Benefits

Independent Contractor

Lack of Insurance

Leasing Companies

Palliative Care

Qualified Rehabilitation Counselor

WCAF Reimbursement

Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Chapter 23-5 – Reports of Disease and Disability.

Chapter 27-7.1 – Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Chapter 27-7.2 – Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund [Repealed.].

Chapter 27-8 Casualty Insurance; Generally [§ 27-8-13 Repealed.].

Chapter 27-9 – Casualty Insurance Rating.

Chapter 28-29 Workers’ Compensation General Provisions

Chapter 28-30 Workers’ Compensation Court

Chapter 28-31 Workers’ Compensation State and Municipal Employees

Chapter 28-31.1 State Employees’ Compensation Fund

Chapter 28-32 Workers’ Compensation Report of Injuries

Chapter 28-33 Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Chapter 28-34 Workers’ Compensation Occupational Diseases

Chapter 28-35 Workers’ Compensation Procedure

Chapter 28-36 Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Chapter 28-37 Workers’ Compensation Administrative Fund

Chapter 28-38 Dr. John E. Donley Rehabilitation Center

Chapter 28-41 Temporary Disability Insurance-Benefits

Chapter 28-47 Workers’ Compensation Group Self Insurance

Chapter 40-6 Public Assistance Act [ §40-6-10 ]

Rhode Island State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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