Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Mississippi Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation General Rules
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Rule 6 Repealed

Rule 1 Meetings

Rule 2 Amendments

Rule 3 Proof Of Coverage

Rule 4 Elections (Repealed)

Rule 5 Cancellation Of Policies

Rule 7 Self-Insurers

Rule 8 Posting Notice Of Coverage

Rule 9 Selection Of Medical

Rule 10 Daily Rate of Compensation

Rule 11 Waiting Period

Rule 12 Medical Fees

Rule 13 Acceleration Of Payments

Rule 14 Mileage

Rule 15 Inspection And Reproduction

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Title 71. Labor And Industry

Title 33. Military Affairs

Mississippi Procedural Rules
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Procedural Rule 1 Reporting Injuries Or

Procedural Rule 2 Procedure To Controvert.

Procedural Rule 3 Notice.

Procedural Rule 4 Response To Petition To

Procedural Rule 5 Prehearing Statement;
Setting of Hearings.

Procedural Rule 6 Notice Of Hearing.

Procedural Rule 7 Hearings; Discovery.

Procedural Rule 8 General Rules Of Evidence

Procedural Rule 9 Introduction Of Evidence And

Procedural Rule 10 Review Hearings.

Procedural Rule 11 Appeal From Commission

Procedural Rule 12 Attorneys.

Procedural Rule 13 Violations Of Child Labor

Procedural Rule 14 Deviation From Rules.

Procedural Rule 15 Settlements.

Procedural Rule 17 Report Of Payment And
Settlement Receipt.

Procedure Rule 18 Subpoenas Witness Fees And

Procedural Rule 19 Rehabilitation.

Procedural Rule 20 Filing Of Pleadings And
Other Documents.

Procedural Rule 21 Address And Phone Of
Parties .

Procedural Rule 22 Prehearing Motions; Motion

Procedural Rule 23 Earwigging Prohibited

Mississippi State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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