Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Nebraska Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Rules
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Rule 1 Office of the Court

Rule 10 Evidence

Rule 11 Decisions

Rule 12 Appeals

Rule 13 Transcript of Pleadings

Rule 14 Bill of Exceptions

Rule 15 Records Checked Out

Rule 16 Briefs

Rule 17 Scheduling, Argument, and Submission

Rule 18 Summary Dispositions

Rule 19 Opinions

Rule 2 Filings

Rule 20 Dismissal of Appeal

Rule 21 Costs

Rule 22 Appeal After Review

Rule 23 Dismissal Docket

Rule 24 Meetings of the Court

Rule 25 Compliance with Rules

Rule 26 Schedules Of Fees For Medical,
Surgical, And Hospital Services

Rule 27 Insurance and Self-Insurance (repealed)

Rule 28 Corporate Executive Officer Waiver (repealed)

Rule 3 Pleadings

Rule 30 Subsequent Report

Rule 31 Periodic Report of Continuing
Compensation (Repealed)

Rule 33 First Treatment Medical Reports

Rule 34 30-day Medical Report (repealed)

Rule 35 Blank Forms

Rule 36 Eligibility and Approval of Vocational
Rehabilitation Services

Rule 37 Vocational Rehabilitation Reporting

Rule 38 Vocational Rehabilitation Costs

Rule 39 Vocational Rehabilitation
Certification Of Vocational Rehabilitation Service Providers

Rule 4 Discovery

Rule 40 Vocational Rehabilitation
Certification Of Counselors

Rule 41 Vocational Rehabilitation
Certification Of Job Placement Specialists

Rule 42 Vocational Rehabilitation Choice Of

Rule 43 Vocational Rehabilitation Change Of

Rule 44 Vocational Rehabilitation Plan
Development and Implementation

Rule 45 Loss Of Earning Power Evaluation

Rule 46 Settlement Agreements (repealed)

Rule 47 Lump Sum Settlement

Rule 48 Informal Dispute Resolution

Rule 49 Definitions

Rule 5 Interpreters

Rule 50 Choice Of Physician

Rule 51 Managed Care Purpose

Rule 52 Managed Care — Application for

Rule 53 Managed Care — Requirements for

Rule 54 Managed Care — Coverage

Rule 55 Managed Care — Notice to Employee

Rule 56 Managed Care — Physicians Who Are Not
Participating Physicians

Rule 57 Managed Care — Reporting Requirements

Rule 58 Managed Care — Dispute Resolution

Rule 59 Managed Care — Peer Review and
Utilization Review

Rule 6 Pretrial Conferences

Rule 60 Managed Care — Medical Case Management

Rule 61 Managed Care — Suspension; Revocation

Rule 62 Independent Medical
Examiners — Appointment

Rule 63 Independent Medical
Examiners — Selection

Rule 64 Independent Medical
Examiners — Procedures Before the Independent Medical Examiner

Rule 65 Independent Medical Examiners — Fees and

Rule 66 Independent Medical Examiners — Removal

Rule 67 Independent Medical Examiners Selected
By Agreement Of The Parties

Rule 68 Promulgation of Rules

Rule 69 Insurance and Self Insurance

Rule 7 Allotted Time for Trial

Rule 70 Self-Insurance Purpose

Rule 71 Self-Insurance Application for

Rule 72 Self-Insurance Requirements For

Rule 73 Self-Insurance Security

Rule 74 Self-Insurance Excess Insurance

Rule 75 Self-Insurance Reporting Requirements

Rule 76 Self-Insurance Renewal, Termination

Rule 8 Continuances

Rule 9 Reporting or Recording the Proceedings

Rule 29 First Report Of Alleged Occupational
Injury Or Illness

Rule 32 Reporting of Compensation Insurance

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Chapter 44 Insurance

Chapter 48 Labor

Nebraska State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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