New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

New Jersey Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Rules
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Subchapter 1. General Provisions

Subchapter 2. Definitions

Subchapter 3. Formal Claims

Subchapter 4. Informal Hearings

Subchapter 5. Second Injury Fund Cases

Subchapter 6. Commutation of Award

Subchapter 7. Uninsured Employer’s Fund

Subchapter 8. Discrimination Complaints

Subchapter 9. Assignment and Supervision of Judges

Subchapter 10. Conduct of Judges

Subchapter 11. Accident Reports

Subchapter 12. Surcharge Collection Procedures

Subchapter 13. Enforcement And Collection Of Non-insurance Penalties

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Article 1. Actions At Law

Article 2. Elective Compensation

Article 3. Definitions And General Provisions

Article 4. Claims And Determination Thereof

Article 4a. Relief From Liability For Awards

Article 5. Compulsory Insurance

Article 6. Reports By Employer And Insurer

Article 7. Insolvent Insurance Carriers; Security Funds

Article 7a. Uninsured Employer’s Fund

Article 7b. Self-Insurers Guaranty Association

Article 8. Destruction Of Records

Article 9. Inspection Of Records

Article 10. Horse Racing Injury Compensation Board

Article 7B. Sefl-Insurers Guaranty Association

New Jersey State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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