New York Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

New York Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

New York Workers’ Compensation Rules
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Subchapter M: Section 440- Pharmacy Fee Schedule

Subchapter M: Section 442- Durable Medical Goods Fee Schedule

Subchapter A General Provisions

Subchapter B Self-Insurers

Subchapter C Medical Treatment And Care

Subchapter D Psychology Treatment and Care

Subchapter E Podiatry Practice

Subchapter F Chiropractic Practice

Subchapter G Occupational Loss Of Hearing

Subchapter H Disability Benefits

Subchapter I Actuarial Procedure

Subchapter J Volunteer Firefighters’ And Volunteer Ambulance Workers

Subchapter K Freedom Of Information

New York Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Article 8A World Trade Center Rescue, Rrecovery and Clean-up Operations

Article 1 Short Title; Definitions; Application

Article 2 Compensation

Article 3 Occupational Diseases

Article 3-A Occupational Loss Of Hearing

Article 4 Security For Compensation

Article 5 County Self-insurance Plan

Article 6 State Insurance Fund

Article 6 A Workers’ Compensation Security Fund

Article 7 Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 8 Administration

Article 9 Disability Benefits

Article 10 Workmen’s Compensation Act For Civil Defense Volunteers

Article 11 Laws Repealed; When To Take Effect

Article 10-A Preferred Provider Organizations

New York State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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