Texas Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Texas Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Texas Workers’ Compensation Rules
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Current Rules

Chapter 127 Designated Doctor Procedures and Requirements

Chapter 10 Workers’ Compensation Health Care Networks

Chapter 102 Practice and Procedures – General Provisions

Chapter 103 Agency Administration

Chapter 104. General Provisions–Rule-Making

Chapter 108 Fees

Chapter 109 Workers’ Compensation Coverage for State Agency Employees

Chapter 110 Required Notice of Coverage: General Provisions

Chapter 112 Scope of Liability for Compensation

Chapter 114 Self-Insurance

Chapter 116 Subsequent Injury Fund

Chapter 120 Compensation Procedure – Employers

Chapter 122 Compensation Procedures – Claimants

Chapter 124 Carriers: Required Notices and Mode of Payment

Chapter 126 Benefits – General Provision Applicable to All Benefits

Chapter 128 Benefits – Calculation of Average Weekly Wage

Chapter 129 Income Benefits – Temporary Income Benefits

Chapter 130 Benefits – Impairment and Supplemental Income Benefits

Chapter 131 Calculation of Lifetime Income Benefits

Chapter 132 Benefits – Death and Burial Benefits

Chapter 133 Benefits – Medical Benefits

Chapter 134 Use of the Fee Guidelines

Chapter 136 Medical Benefits – Vocational Rehabilitation

Chapter 137 Disability Management

Chapter 140 Dispute Resolution – General Provisions

Chapter 141 Benefit Review Conference

Chapter 142 Dispute Resolution – Benefit Contested Case Hearing

Chapter 143 Dispute Resolution – Review by the Appeals Panel

Chapter 144 Dispute Resolution – Arbitration

Chapter 147 Dispute Resolution – Agreements, Settlements, Commutation

Chapter 148 Hearings Conducted by the State Office of Administrative Hearings

Chapter 149 Memorandum of Understanding with the State Office of Administrative

Chapter 150 Representation of Parties Before the Agency – Qualifications of

Chapter 152 Representation of Parties Before the Agency – Attorney’s Fee

Chapter 156 Carriers’ Austin Representative

Chapter 160 Workers Health and Safety – General Provision

Chapter 164 Hazardous Employer Program [Chapter Repealed 10/29/2009]

Chapter 165 Rejected Risk- Injury Prevention Services

Chapter 166 Workers’ Health & Safety – Accident Prevention Services

Chapter 169 Workers’ Health and Safety – Drug-Free Workplace Program [Chapter
Repealed 10/29/2009]

Chapter 180 Monitoring and Enforcement

Old Law Rules (Prior to 1991 Chapter 41 – Chapter 89)

Texas Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Chapter 401. General Provisions

Chapter 402. Operation and Administration of Workers’ Compensation System

Chapter 403. Division Financing

Chapter 404. Office of Injured Employee Counsel

Chapter 405. Workers’ Compensation Research

Chapter 406. Coverage Election; Security Procedures

Chapter 407. Self-insurance Regulation

Chapter 407A. Group Self-insurance Coverage

Chapter 408. Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Chapter 409. Compensation Procedures

Chapter 410. Adjudication Of Disputes

Chapter 411. Workers’ Health And Safety

Chapter 412. Division Of Risk Management

Chapter 413. Medical Review

Chapter 414. Division Of Compliance And Practices

Chapter 415. Administrative Violations

Chapter 416. Actions Against Insurance Carrier For Breach Of Duty

Chapter 417. Third-party Liability

Chapter 418. Criminal Penalties

Chapter 419. Misuse of Division Name

Chapter 451. Discrimination Prohibited

Chapter 501. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage For State Employees,
including Employees Under The Direction Or Control Of The Board Of Regents Of
Texas Tech University

Chapter 502. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage For Employees Of the Texas
A&M University System

Chapter 503. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage For Employees Of The
University Of Texas System

Chapter 504. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage For Employees Of Political

Chapter 505. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage For Employees Of Texas
Department Of Transportation

Chapter 506. Payment Of Certain Judgments

Texas State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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