Washington Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Washington Workers’ Compensation Rules
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296-15-223 Self-insurance administrative

296-15-225 Self-insurance second injury fund

296-15-227 Self-insurance insolvency trust
fund assessment.

296-15-229 Self-insurance supplemental pension
fund (SPF) and asbestosis fund assessments.

296-15-231 Self-insurance electronic data
reporting system (SIEDRS).

296-15-4302 What is the Self-Insurance
Vocational Reporting Form?

296-15-4304 What must the self-insurer do when
an assessment report is received?

296-15-4306 When must a self-insurer submit a
vocational rehabilitation plan to the department?

296-15-4308 What must the vocational
rehabilitation plan include?

296-15-4310 What must the self-insurer do when
the department denies the vocational rehabilitation plan?

296-15-4312 What must the self-insurer do when
the vocational rehabilitation plan is successfully completed?

296-15-4314 What must the self-insurer do if
the vocational rehabilitation plan is not successfully completed?

296-15-4316 What must the self-insurer do when
the worker declines further vocational rehabilitation services and elects option
2 benefits?

296-15-4318 What must the self-insurer do when
the worker elects option 2 benefits and the claim is closed?

296-15-001 Definitions.

296-15-021 Self-insurance certification
requirements and application process.

296-15-024 Additional certification

296-15-027 Additional requirements for
subsidiaries and acquisitions.

296-15-151 Surety for a public entity’s self
insurance program.

296-15-123 Financial watch.

296-15-125 Default by a self-insurer.

296-15-140 Expense of out-of-state audit.

296-15-161 Surety for a group self insurance

296-15-171 Surety for a self insured pension
or fatality claim.

296-15-181 Funding the benefits of an
insolvent self insurer.

296-15-200 Claims log — Evaluation.

296-15-221 Self insurers’ reporting

296-15-255 Hearings for corrective action or
withdrawal of certification.

296-15-260 Corrective action or withdrawal of

296-15-266 Penalties.

296-15-310 Administrative organization to
manage a self-insurance program.

296-15-320 Reporting of injuries.

296-15-330 Authorization of medical care.

296-15-340 Payment of compensation.

296-15-350 Handling of claims.

296-15-360 Qualifications of personnel.

296-15-370 Notification to the department.

296-15-400 Self-insured workers’ rights and

296-15-405 Filing a self-insured claim.

296-15-420 After a self-insured claim is

296-15-450 Closure of self-insured claims.

296-15-470 When a worker files for reopening.

296-15-480 When a self-insured claim is

296-15-490 When a self-insured claim is on

296-15-495 Third party action on a
self-insured claim

Washington Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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51.04 General Provisions

51.08 Definitions

51.12 Employments And Occupations Covered

51.14 Self-Insurers

51.16 Assessment And Collection Of Premiums-Payrolls And Records

51.18 Retrospective Rating Plan

51.24 Actions At Law For Injury Or Death

51.28 Notice And Report Of Accident-Application For Compensation

51.32 Compensation-Right To And Amount

51.36 Medical Aid

51.44 Funds

51.48 Penalties

51.52 Appeals

51.98 Construction

Washington State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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