Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Wisconsin Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Rules
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80.01 Definitions.

80.02 Reports.

80.025 Inspection and copying of records.

80.03 Compromise.

80.05 Procedure on claim.

80.06 Parties.

80.07 Service.

80.08 Amendments.

80.09 Witness attendance; extension of time
and postponement.

80.10 Stipulations.

80.11 Depositions.

80.12 Rules of practice; selection of hearing

80.14 Transcripts.

80.15 Payments after an order.

80.20 License to appear.

80.21 Reports by practitioners and expert

80.22 Use of physicians’ reports as evidence.

80.23 Common insurance of employer and third

80.24 Statement of employee.

80.25 Loss of hearing.

80.26 Loss of vision; determination.

80.27 Forms.

80.29 Value of room or meals.

80.30 Average weekly earnings for members of
volunteer fire companies or fire departments.

80.31 Procedure and claims under ch. 40,

80.32 Permanent disabilities .

80.33 Permanent disabilities; fingertip

80.34 Loss of earning capacity.

80.38 Assessment of administrative expenses.

80.39 Advance payment of unaccrued

80.40 Assessment for unpaid claims of
insolvent self-insurer.

80.41 Computation of monthly salary and
reimbursement to retirement fund under s. 66.191,Stats.

80.42 Vocational rehabilitation; reporting

80.43 Fees and costs.

80.44 Witness fees and travel reimbursement.

80.46 Contribution to support of unestranged
surviving parent.

80.47 Medical release of employe for
restricted work in the healing period.

80.48 Reassignment of death benefits.

80.49 Vocational rehabilitation benefits.

80.50 Computation of permanent disabilities.

80.51 Computation of weekly wage.

DWD 80.52 Payment of permanent disability
where the degree of permanency is disputed.

80.60 Exemption from duty to insure

80.61 Divided-insurance and partial-insurance
requirements under s. 102.31 (1) and (6), for all employers, including
contractors working on a wrap-upproject.

80.62 Uninsured employers fund.

80.65 Notice of cancellation or termination.

80.67 Name or reorganizational change by

80.68 Payment of benefits under s. 102.59,

80.70 Malice or bad faith.

80.72 Health service fee dispute resolution

80.73 Health service necessity of treatment
dispute resolution process

Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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102.01 Definitions

102.03 Conditions of liability.

102.04 Definition of employer

102.05 Election by employer, withdrawal

102.06 Joint liability of employer and

102.07 Employee defined

102.075 Election by sole proprietor, partner
or member

102.076 Election by corporate officer

102.077 Election by school district or private

102.08 Administration for state employees

102.11 Earnings, method of computation

102.12 Notice of injury, exception, laches

102.123 Statement of employee.

102.125 Fraudulent claims reporting and

102.13 Examination; competent witnesses;
exclusion of evidence; autopsy

102.14 Jurisdiction of department; advisory

102.15 Rules of procedure; transcripts

102.16 Submission of disputes, contributions
by employees

102.17 Procedure; notice of hearing;
witnesses, contempt; testimony, medical examination.

102.175 Apportionment of liability

102.18 Findings, orders and awards

102.19 Alien dependents; payments through
consular officers

102.195 Employees confined in institutions;
payment of benefits

102.20 Judgment on award

102.21 Payment of awards by municipalities

102.22 Penalty for delayed payments; interest

102.23 Judicial review

102.24 Remanding record

102.25 Appeal from judgment on award

102.26 Fees and costs

102.27 Claims and awards protected; exceptions

102.28 Preference of claims; worker’s
compensation insurance

102.29 Third party liability

102.30 Other insurance not affected; liability
of insured employer

102.31 Worker’s compensation insurance; policy

102.315 Worker’s compensation insurance;
employee leasing companies.

102.32 Continuing liability; guarantee
settlement, gross payment

102.33 Department forms and records; public

102.35 Penalties

102.37 Employers’ records

102.38 Records and reports of payments

102.39 Rules and general orders; application
of statutes

102.40 Reports not evidence in actions

102.42 Liability For Unecessary Treatment

102.425 Prescription and nonprescription drug

102.43 Weekly compensation schedule

102.44 Maximum limitations

102.45 Benefits payable to minors; how paid

102.46 Death benefit

102.47 Death benefit, continued

102.475 Death benefit; law enforcement and
correctional officers, fire fighters, rescue squad members, diving team members,
national or state guard members and emergency management personnel

102.48 Death benefit, continued

102.49 Additional death benefit for children,
state fund

102.50 Burial expenses

102.51 Dependents

102.52 Permanent partial disability schedule

102.53 Multiple injury variations

102.54 Injury to dominant hand

102.55 Application of schedules

102.555 Occupational deafness; definitions

102.56 Disfigurement

102.565 Toxic or hazardous exposure; medical
examination; conditions of liability.

102.57 Violations of safety provisions,

102.58 Decreased compensation

102.59 Preexisting disability, indemnity.198
(1) If an employee has at the time of injury permanent disability which if it
had resulted from such injury would have entitled him or her to indemnity for
200 weeks and, as a result of such injury, incurs

102.60 Minor illegally employed.

102.61 Indemnity under rehabilitation law

102.62 Primary and secondary liability;

102.63 Refunds by state

102.64 Attorney general shall represent state
and commission

102.65 Work injury supplemental benefit fund

102.66 Payment of certain barred claims

102.75 Administrative expenses

102.80 Uninsured employers fund

102.81 Compensation for injured employee of
uninsured employer

102.82 Uninsured employer payments

102.83 Collection of uninsured employer

102.835 Levy for delinquent payments.

102.84 Preference of required payments

102.85 Uninsured employers; penalties

102.87 Citation procedure

102.88 Penalties; repeaters

102.89 Parties to a violation

Wisconsin State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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