Specialists, Experts, and Professional Service Providers

Click for Workers Compensation Attorneys Directory Attorneys
Attorneys specializing in employer defense and helping employers reduce costs.
Workers’ Comp Attorneys
Click for Premium Audit Directory Audits
Make sure your premium calculations, class codes and payroll audits are correct.
WC Insurance Premium Audits
Click for Brokerage Services Directory Brokerage Services
Access to brokerage services, including Coverage Analysis, Insurance Placement, Loss Control, Claim Advocacy, Global Risk Management Services and more.
Brokerage Services
Click for Claim Adjusting Directory Claim Adjusting
Addresses core problems such as inconsistency in claim practices and failure to identify complex files early in the life of a claim.
Workers’ Comp Claim Adjusting
Click for Claims / File Reviews Directory Claims Review / File Reviews
Onsite reviews of claim files to review reserves, determine if treatment is appropriate, and if handling meets industry best practices.
Workers’ Comp Claim Review/ File Reviews
Click for Occupational Clinics & Pre-employment Medical Examinations Directory Clinics / Exams
In-house or offsite clinics to treat injured employees. Triage for treatment of injured workers.
Occupational Clinics & Pre-employment Exams
Click for Consultants Directory Consultants
Cost Containment Consultants who specialize in helping employers implement policies and programs in the workplace to do all of the things you’ll read about here.
Workers’ Comp Consultants
Click for FECA Consultants Directory Federal Workers Compensation (FECA)
This directory includes companies specializing in products and services for federal government agencies and associated organizations.Federal / FECA
Click for Indemnity Cost Controls Services Directory Indemnity Cost Controls
Methods to reduce time away from work, including functional capacity evaluations, retraining and other creative methods.
Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Cost Control
Click for Investigators Directory Investigators
Verification of the degree of disability can be done with surveillance and other types of investigative techniques.
Workers’ Compensation Investigators
Click for Job Placement for Injured Workers Directory Job Placement for Injured Workers
Find jobs for injured workers and determine whether employees are cooperating with your return to work efforts.
Workers’ Comp Job Placement for Injured Workers
Click for Loss Control / Safety Consultants Directory Loss Control / Safety
Pre-loss specialists who help with accident prevention, investigation and OSHA compliance.
Workers’ Comp Loss Control / Safety Consultants
Click for Medical Doctor Advisors Directory M.D. Advisors
Medical Doctors to review claims and medical records, write IME cover letters, contact treating physicians, look for alternative causes of injury and verify an injury is work-related and treatment is appropriate.
Workers’ Comp Medical Doctor (M.D.) Advisors
Click for Medical Cost Containment Vendors Directory Medical Cost Containment Services
Bill review, utilization review, pharmacy bill review, nurse case management and other services which control the cost of medical services.
Workers’ Comp Medical Cost Containment Vendors
Click for Medicare Set-Aside Compliance Directory Medicare Compliance
Employers are required to set aside the amount of future medical expenses. Compliance is complex and there are heavy fines for non-compliance.
Workers’ Comp Medicare Set-Aside Compliance
Click for Nurse Triage Directory Nurse Triage
Intervention programs designed to help eliminate unnecessary emergency room and clinic visits by converting incidents into self-treatment cases.
Nurse Triage
Click for Return to Work Directory Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Manage your workers’ compensation medical costs and provide your employees the effective medical treatments they need.
Workers’ Comp Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Click for Pre-employment Screening Services Directory Pre-employment Screening
Drug, alcohol, impairment, psychological and medical testing is used to make sure employees can perform their jobs safely without injury to themselves or others in the workplace.
Pre-employment Screening
Click for Return to Work Directory Return to Work Services
Services specializing in work placement for difficult claims such as home-based work, charity or volunteer arrangements when you cannot work onsite. Alternatives to workplace return to work programs.
Workers’ Comp Return to Work Services
Click for Risk Management Information Systems Directory Risk Management Information Systems
Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS) provide ongoing access to measurements and reports on which to base performance improvement.
Risk Management Information Systems

Workers’ Compensation = Workers’ Comp = WC*

*Formerly referred to as Workmans’ Compensation.

For more WC terms, visit: Workers’ Compensation Terminology & Abbreviations

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