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Alice M. Martinson, MD
Alice M Martinson, MD has practiced for 40 years as a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, 25 of which were as a Naval Medical Officer, retiring from an active surgical practice as a Captain. Relying on her extensive military experience with injury evaluation, she performs IMEs for public and private employers, and several major insurance carriers.

Dr. Martinson has in-depth knowledge of the California, Arkansas and Federal workers’ compensation systems, and with Washington, Ohio, New York, and Texas. Dr. Martinson has expertise in workplaces including shipyards, aviation repair facilities, warehousing operations, meat packing, agriculture and – of course – hospitals. Her primary area of interest is loss prevention through increased workplace safety and efficient, cost-effective delivery of care to injured workers

Contact: Alice M. Martinson, MD
Mobile Phone: 870-480-7475
Fax: 559-272-6140
Email: docalice@aol.com

Listed 1/5/11

Medcor On-Site Clinics
Click for Medcor website (opens in new window)Medcor sets up medical clinics in the workplace for treatment and pre-employment screening, including drug testing. Clinics are fully staffed with Medcor’s medical professionals – paramedics, nurses, doctors – and managed with Medcor’s systems, software, and expertise. Medcor operates clinics on the North Pole, U.S. National Parks and in many business operations nationwide. Call for information.

Website: www.Medcor.com
Contact: Curtis Smith
Phone: 815-363-9500
Email: CSmith@medcor.com

Listed 3/8/11

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