Workers’ Compensation Claims Review / File Review Directory

Risk International Services, Inc.
Risk International Services believes that periodic independent review of claims handling practices by carriers and third party claim administrators facilitates quality handling, increases accountability for proper utilization of client funds for payment of claims, and promotes an effective partnership to achieve optimum outcomes.

We use a proprietary evaluation process to assess the quality of claim handling. Each major component of claim handling is graded for completion, timeliness and quality of work done. Each file is individually scored and then aggregated for a final score which provides a benchmark for future reviews to identify improvement or deterioration.

Periodic reviews provide a snapshot of vendor performance and facilitate a strong partnership leading to optimum results.

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Contact: Kathy Kukor
Phone: 1-800-409-9192


Managed Care Advisors, Inc. (MCA)
Managed Care Advisors reviews claims for public and private organizations, including federal agencies. MCA’s physicians are board-certified and trained in proactive claims management and evaluation and provide medical guidance in the form of written reviews for complicated and/or challenging cases.

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Contact: Lisa Firestone, President
Phone: 301-469-1660

Listed 1/4/11

Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services
An international insurance brokerage firm offering numerous workers compensation claims consulting services including:

  • Claim Reviews
  • Claim Audits
  • Coverage Advocacy
  • Complex Claims Consulting
  • CAT Management
  • Special Handling Instructions
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Insurer Insolvencies
  • Claim Management Manual
  • Letters of Credit Advocacy
  • Subrogation Insurance

Looking for improved Claim Advocacy?

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Contact: Bart Douglas, A.I.C.
Managing Director, Gallagher Claim Advocacy Practice Group
Phone: 305-639-3121
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Claim File Audits
Claim File Audits specializes in professional claims auditing and claim management services for the property & casualty insurance industry.

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Contact: Wayne Austin
Phone: 706-994-6524

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