Washington, District of Columbia (DC) Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

District of Columbia (DC) Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Washington, DC Workers’ Compensation Rules
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200 General Provisions

201 Applicability

202 Forms

203 Employers Report Of Injury

204 Employer Records Of Injuries

205 Notice Of Rights And Obligations/Assistance

206 Employee’s Notice Of Injury

207 Claims Application

208 Official Record

209 Voluntary Payment Of Compensation

210 Controverted Claims

211 Investigation Of Claims

212 Medical Services And Supplies

214 Insurance Coverage

215 Evidence Of Coverage

216 Termination Of Coverage

217 Self-Insurance

218 Transitional Coverage

219 Informal Procedures

220 Formal Hearings On Claims

221 Hearings Or Attorney Examiners

222 Pre-Hearing Procedures

223 Contact Of Formal Hearings

224 Attorney Fees

225 Compensation Orders Issued Without A Formal Hearing

226 Settlements

227 Occupational Disease

228 Serving, Filing And Posting

229 Vocational Rehabilitation

230 Administrative And Judicial Review . Repealed.

231 Special Fund

232 Utilization Review

233 Administration Fund

299 Definitions

Washington, DC Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Division 5 – Title 32 – Chapter 15 Workers’ Compensation

Division 5 – Title 31 – Subtitle III – Chapter 27 – Regulation Of Casualty And Other Insurance Rates

Title 1 Government Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act Subchapter XXIV – Disability Compensation

Washington, DC District Offices and Contacts
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District Offices and Contacts

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