Arizona Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Arizona Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Arizona Workers’ Compensation Rules
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Article 1 Title 20. Commerce, Banking, and Insurance

Article 2 Self-insurance Requirements for Individual Employers and Workers’ Compensation Pools

Article 3 Private Employment Agents

Article 4 Arizona Boilers and Lined Hot Water Heaters

Article 5 Elevator Safety Administrative Regulations

Article 6 Occupational Safety and Health Construction Standards

Article 7 Requirements for Workers’ Compensation

Article 8 Occupational Safety and Health Rules of Procedure Before the Industrial Commission

Article 10 Wage Claims

Article 11 Self-Insurance For Individual Employers

R20-5-901 thru 914. Expired

Arizona Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Article 1 Scope of Workers’ Compensation

Article 2 Administration and Enforcement

Article 3 Orders and Hearings

Article 4 Providing for Compensation

Article 5 Compensation Fund

Article 6 Insurance Under Compensation Fund

Article 7 Right to Compensation

Article 8 Amount of Compensation

Article 10 Administrative Fund

Article 9 Payment of Compensation

Article 11 Assigned Risk Plan

Title 23, Article 1. In General

Title 23, Ch 1. Section 8 Workers’ Compensation Law

Arizona State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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