Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Arkansas Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Rules
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Rule 5 Self-Insurer Program (Part 1-3)

Rule 30 Medical Cost Containment Program (Part 1-6)

Rule 31 Accident Prevention Services (I.-X.)

Rule 33 Managed Care (I.-XIX.)

Rule 36 Voluntary Drug Free Workplace Rule (I.-XVII.)

Rule 37 Occupational Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Rule 38 Third Party Administrators

Rule 39 Filing Requirements / Report Cards / Sanctions

Rule 1 Commission Location & Sessions

Rule 2 Rulemaking Procedure

Rule 3 Carrier Reporting Requirement

Rule 4 Termination Of Coverage By Insurance Carrier: Employer To Obtain New Coverage

Rule 10 Separate Check Payment, Attorneys Fees

Rule 11 Jurisdiction, Remands & Mandates

Rule 12 Compensation, Finger Amputation

Rule 13 Commission Hearings & Administrative Law Judges

Rule 14 Physicians Testimony & Reports

Rule 15 Pretrial Conferences

Rule 16 Depositions

Rule 17 Oral Arguments

Rule 18 Filings With the Commission

Rule 19 Joint Petition Settlements

Rule 20 Reporting Responsibility, Transportation Costs

Rule 21 Treatment at Veterans Hospitals

Rule 22 Replacement of Prosthesis

Rule 23 Deviation From Rules

Rule 24 Second Injury Fund Claims

Rule 25 Scope of Review on Appeal


Rule 27 Medical Reports

Rule 28 Death and Permanent Total Disability Trust Fund Claims

Rule 29 Requirement of Maintaining an Arkansas Claims Office and Report Cards

Rule 32 Hazardous Employer Program

Rule 34 Impairment Rating Guide

Rule 35 Electronic Data Interchange Filings

Rule 6 Non-Statutory Employers Elective Coverage

Rule 7 Posting Required Notice

Rule 8 Reporting Injuries or Deaths

Rule 9 Weekly Benefit Waiting Period

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Chapter 9 Workers’ Compensation

Chapter 10 Department of Workforce Services Law

Arkansas State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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