Colorado Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Colorado Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Colorado Workers’ Compensation Rules
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Rule 1 General Definitions and General Provisions

Rule 2 Workers’ Compensation Premium Surcharges

Rule 3 Insurance Coverage

Rule 4 Carrier Compliance

Rule 5 Claims Adjusting Requirements

Rule 6 Modification, Termination or Suspension of Temporary Disability Benefits

Rule 7 Closure of Claims, Approval of Settlement Agreements and Petitions to Reopen

Rule 8 – Authorized Treating Physician/Independent Medical Examinations

Rule 9 Division of Workers’ Compensation Dispute Resolution

Rule 10 Medical Utilization Review

Rule 11 Division Independent Medical Examination

Rule 12 Permanent Impairment Rating Guidelines

Rule 13 Accreditation of Physicians

Rule 14 Applications for Admission and Payment of Benefits from the Major Medical Insurance Fund, the Medical Disaster Fund and Request for Benefits from the Subsequent Injury Fund

Rule 15 Vocational Rehabilitation Rules Applicable to Claims based upon an Injury or Illness Occurring prior to July 2, 1987 at 4:16 p.m.

Rule 16 Utilization Standards

Rule 17 – Medical Treatment Guidelines

Rule 18 Medical Fee Schedule

Rule 17 – Medical Guides

Colorado State Offices and Contacts
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Article 14.5 Cost Containment

Article 40. General Provisions

Article 41. Coverage And Liability

Article 42. Benefits

Article 43. Procedure

Article 44. Insurance

Article 45. Pinnacol Assurance

Article 46. Specific Insurance Funds

Article 47. Administration

Article 55. Workers’ Compensation Classification Appeals Board

Colorado State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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