Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Connecticut Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Rules
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31-40v-1 to 11 Establishment and Administration of Safety and Health Committees at Work Sites

31-275-1 Preliminary Act and Acts in Preparation for Work and Employee’s Place of Abode

31-279-1 Insurance and Self-Insurance Certification

31-279-2 to 6 Assignment and Postponement of Hearings and the Authority of Claims Personnel

31-279-9 Obligations of attending physician

31-279-10 Medical care plans

31-279b-1 to 5 Notice to Employees

31-280-1 Approved Physicians and Other Practitioners

31-280-2 to 3 Practitioner Fee Schedule

31-283a-1 to 6 Structure and Operation of Workers’ Rehabilitation Programs

31-284-1 to 20 Self-Insurance Certification

31-296-1 to 2 Filing of Voluntary Agreements

31-297b-1 Preclusion of Compensation Liability

31-301-1 to 11 Appeal from Compensation Commissioner (CRB Appeal Procedure)

Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Occupational Safety and Health Act

Workers’ Compensation Act

Occupational Health Clinics

Disability Compensation And Death benefits

Municipal Police And Fire protection

Municipal Employees

Connecticut State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

Professional Development Resource

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