Delaware Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Delaware Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Rules
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Rule No. 1 Address of the Board: Office Hours

Rule No. 2 Sessions

Rule No. 3 The Administrator of the Office of Workers’ Compensation

Rule No. 4 Notice of Denial of Liability

Rule No. 5 Forms Provided By the Department

Rule No. 6 Formal Pleadings Not Required

Rule No. 7 Agreements for Scheduled Loss

Rule No. 8 Motions Concerning Legal Issues

Rule No. 9 Formulation of Issues-Pretrial Procedure

Rule No. 10 Depositions Upon Oral Examination

Rule No. 11 Discovery And Production of Documents And Things For Inspection, Copying, Or Photographing

Rule No. 12 Continuances

Rule No. 13 Opening Statements And Summations

Rule No. 14 Evidence

Rule No. 15 Leading Questions

Rule No. 16 Attorneys, Questions And Facts

Rule No. 17 Exhibits

Rule No. 18 Copies Of Evidence Available To Applicants

Rule No. 19 Filing Of Agreements After Awards

Rule No. 20 Time Of Draft For First Payment of Compensation

Rule No. 21 Further Hearing, Reopening Or Rehearing

Rule No. 22 Commutation of Compensation

Rule No. 23 Attorney’s Fees

Rule No. 24 Reimbursement From The Workers’ Compensation Fund

Rule No. 25 Expedited Hearings

Rule No. 26 Additional Issues

Rule No. 27 Form of Orders

Rule No. 28 Time

Rule No. 29 Legal Hearings/Motions Day

Delaware Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Title 18 Part I Insurance

Title 19 Part II Workers’ Compensation

Delaware State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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