Maine Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Maine Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws

Maine Workers’ Compensation Rules
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Chapter 1 Payment Of Benefits

Chapter 2 Compensation For Partial Incapacity

Chapter 3 Form filing

Chapter 4 Independent Medical Examiner

Chapter 5 Medical Fees; Reimbursement Levels; Reporting Requirements

Chapter 6 Rehabilitation

Chapter 7 Utilization Review, Treatment Guidelines, Permanent Impairment

Chapter 8 Procedures For Payment

Chapter 9: Procedure For Coordination Of Benefits

Chapter 10 Attorney’s Fees

Chapter 11 Mediation

Chapter 12 Formal Hearings

Chapter 14 Review By Full Board

Chapter 15 Penalties

Chapter 16 Confidentiality Of Files

Chapter 18 Examinations By Impartial Physician(s) Pursuant To 39-a M.r.s.a. Sec. 611

Ch. 13: Reserved

Ch. 17: Reserved

Maine Workers’ Compensation Statutes
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Title 39a, Chapter 1 General Provisions

Title 39a, Chapter 3 Workers’ Compensation Board

Title 39a, Chapter 5 Compensation and Services

Title 39a, Chapter 7 Procedures

Title 39a, Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Subchapter II

Title 39a, Chapter 9 Insurance And Self-insurance

Title 39a, Chapter 19 Employer’s Liability

Maine Occupational Disease Act
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601. Short title

602. Application

603. Occupational disease defined

604. False reports

605. Aggravation of occupational disease

606. Date from which compensation is computed;
employer liable

607. Notice of incapacity; filing of claim

608. Partial incapacity

609. Compensation limits

610. Examination of employees

611. Impartial medical advice

612. Occupational loss of hearing

613. Silicosis

614. Special provisions for asbestos-related

615. Disability due to radioactive properties

Maine Workers’ Compensation Rating Act
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2381-A. Purposes

2381-B. Scope of application

2381-C. Definitions

2381. Title

2382-A. Payment of dividends

2382-B. Uniform administration of

2382-C. Filing of rates and other rating
information; filing of forms

2382-D. Uniform experience rating plan; merit
rating plan. 2382-D. Uniform experience rating plan; merit rating plan.

2382-E. Disapproval of rates

2382-F. Report required

2382. Rate standards

2383-A. Monitoring competition

2383. Interchange of data

2384-A. Advisory organization filing

2384-B. Statistical recording and reporting

2384-C. Data collection

2384. Workers’ compensation advisory

2385-A. Medical expense deductibles

2385-B. Disclosure of premium information

2385-C. Workplace health and safety consultations

2385-D. Safety groups

2385-E. Workers’ compensation insurance;…

2385-F. Coverage denial

2385. Optional deductibles

2386-A. Repealed by Chapter 289, Laws of 1995

2386. Workers’ compensation insurance residual
market mechanism

2387-A. Public Advocate

2387-B. Savings provision

2387. Penalty for violations

Maine State Offices and Contacts
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State Offices and Contacts

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