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The RIMS Benchmark Survey Book

How much coverage do I need? Am I paying too much in premiums? How do my retentions compare to my competitors? Are my workers’ comp. costs in line with my peers? Should we invest in ERM?

You can find the data you need to answer these questions and more
in the 2012 RIMS Benchmarking Survey!

Industry Reports for 14 macro sectors including Advisen MSCAd Large Loss examples.

  • Banks
  • Consumer Discretionary
  • Consumer Staples
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Government and Non-profit
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Information Technology
  • Materials
  • Nonbank Financial
  • Professional Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

Chapters for 6 coverage lines detailing which carriers wrote the most premium by line:
  • D&O
  • EPL
  • Fiduciary
  • Property
  • Umbrella and Excess Liability
  • Workers Comp

Special Chapters:
  1. Canada chapter
  2. Broker Services & Remuneration Survey: What services does your broker provide and how much do you pay for those services in fees and commissions?
  3. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Survey of Buyers

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Get a FREE copy of the 2013 RIMS Benchmark Survey Book (when published) if you submit your policy data to the next edition of the RIMS Benchmark Survey. You can also purchase the current 2012 edition (2011 data) for a substantial discount when you submit your data.

For more information about submitting your data for a free copy of the 2013 edition when published, or to order a copy of the 2012 edition go to the Advisen Corner Store or contact with any questions.

Advisen Benchmarking

Identify shortfalls in coverage. Compare cost of risk.

Advisen Benchmarking Reports can identify shortfalls in coverage and needed new coverage. You can place more coverage while giving your clients and prospects the value of true consultative insight into their Cost of Risk. Advisen Benchmarking Reports allow you to compare the cost and coverage of your client or prospect’s insurance programs to a select peer group.

Drawn from Advisen’s market-leading database of more than 1.2 million insurance programs, representing more than $100 billion in aggregated premiums, these benchmarking reports are timely and impactful.

Basic Benchmarking Reports start at $500 per account. Custom Benchmarking Reports start at $799 for first Line of Coverage. Benchmarks can be created and viewed online prior to purchase – have us run one risk-free for you today!

View Advisen Benchmarking Sample Report PDF (opens in new window)

Advisen Law Comparisons
Side-by-side wording comparison of multiple policies, laws and countries.

Advisen Law Comparisons allow you to perform a side-by-side wordings comparison of various laws and regulations across multiple insurance coverages, countries and states. If you have employees in many countries, you likely have several coverages in addition to workers’ compensation. Simply choose from the following coverages and specify the locations you are interested in:

  • Global Insurance
  • US Insurance
  • Captive Insurance
  • Workers Compensation

Advisen Large Loss Profile
Identify insured and uninsured exposures for your clients, divisions, and within your own portfolio.

With over 27,000 cases totaling $900 billion in losses, Advisen’s Large Loss Database is the most comprehensive database of large and/or potentially significant losses, class actions, suits, cases, events, and fines.

Selling, buying or writing coverage is easier when you have thousands of loss examples at your fingertips. Advisen’s loss database covers workers’ compensation, employment, drug testing and insurance cases that may impact your workers’ compensation costs. Justify higher limits by filtering our list to find the exact set that meets your criteria. Use this database to see which large losses might trip their new policy language, identify uninsured or underinsured exposures for your company, your clients, or within your portfolio.

For each case, Advisen’s large loss database displays both

  • Snapshot of key information and
  • Detailed description
  • Background details and recent developments
  • “Related Cases” feature that links all cases with the same root cause

Advisen painstakingly collects information in the public domain either through news sources and subscription services so that insurance industry professionals can license the data for far less than the cost of collecting this data on their own.

√ This is core to Advisen’s role for the insurance industry – aggregation of useful information for use within Advisen’s unique set of analytics or within clients’ own models.

For more information, contact Lasheen Williams at or 212-897-4783.

View Advisen Large Loss Profile Sample Report PDF (opens in new window)

Advisen Front Page News (FPN)

60,000 Articles. 4,000 Publications. 95,000 readers Daily. 4 Different Versions.

During a disruptive economic and insurance market climate, the latest news and insight has made FPN a must-read insurance industry publication. Every business day, Advisen’s editors, led by Editor-in-Chief Dave Bradford, sift through 30,000 articles from over 3,000 domestic and international news sources to find the 15 most relevant articles to commercial insurance professionals.

“Advisen engages risk managers and other insurance buyers as well as underwriters and retail and wholesale brokers every day,” said Tom Ruggieri Advisen’s CEO. “While many publications are seeing a decline in brand loyalty, industry decision makers increasingly rely on the Advisen brand. We have seen a real surge in readership through word-of-mouth referrals. Advisen now distributes news and unique market research daily to more than 95,000 readers.” (March 27, 2009)

FPN Digest is a FREE service and includes only access to the news headlines. FPN Professional is US $199 per year and includes the ability to read the full stories beneath each of FPN’s news headlines.

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Advisen Workers Comp Book
“Workers Compensation Management Program: Reduce Costs 20% to 50%”

Lower your workers compensation expense by using the guidebook from Advisen and the Workers Comp Resource Center. Perfect for promotional distribution by brokers and agents! Learn More



Professional Development Resource

Learn How to Reduce Workers Comp Costs 20% to 50%"Workers Compensation Management Program: Reduce Costs 20% to 50%"
Lower your workers compensation expense by using the
guidebook from Advisen and the Workers Comp Resource Center.
Perfect for promotional distribution by brokers and agents!
Learn More