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Common Mistakes That Get Employers In Trouble on Questionable Claims

Every self-insured employer has to contend with the occasional workers’ compensation claim the employer feels is of questionable validity. The urge is often to ‘fight fire with fire.’ However great the urge is to give the employee ‘a taste of his own medicine,’ the employer must hold itself above taking the low road taken by the employee.

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Tools to Help Reduce Costs

Workers Comp Cost-Reduction Guidebook

WC Cost-Reduction Guidebook

The guidebook is a hands-on practical manual written by a national expert on workers compensation cost containment with over 25 years of experience helping companies to reduce losses by 20% to 50%. … Learn More

WC Mastery Training

Certified Master of Workers' Compensation

Certified Master of Workers’ Compensation

Receive in-depth training on proven workers’ comp cost containment strategies and tactics.  Become a Certified Master of Workers’ Compensation Costs. … Learn More

3rd-Party Administration

Third Party Administrator Selection Process

Select 3rd-Party Administrator

18 Key Considerations for Selecting a Third Party Administrator or Insurance Company to Control Your Workers' Compensation Claims By WCK Staff - Updated December 2011 Selecting the best third-party … [Read More...]

Structured Settlements

Structured Settlements

Structured Settlements in Workers’ Compensation

Self-insured employers often question how to resolve their high value and difficult to conclude claims. The financial expectations and medical needs of the injured employees create complicated issues preventing a claim settlement. Structured settlements can often be the bridge to … [Read More...]


Medicare Set-Aside Basics

Medicare Set-aside Arrangement Basics

Need Help Now? Try Our Directory of Workers' Comp Service Providers Medicare Compliance Employers are required to set aside the amount of future medical expenses. Compliance is complex and … [Read More...]

Pharmacy Benefits Management

Pharmacy Benefits Management

Pharamacy Benefits Management of Workers Compensation Drug Costs

Controlling workers compensation prescription drug cost is vital to controlling the cost of workers compensation. Utilization of a Pharmacy Benefit Management company (PBM) is a way to solve problems that drive up drug costs.; [Read More...]


Eliminate Workers Comp Fraud

Eliminate Workers Comp Fraud

Do you use all techniques available to eliminate workers' comp claims? A small percentage of workers' comp claims are fraudulent, but quite a few claims (nearly 25% of all lost-time claims) are  "exaggerated." This is calling malingering. In other words, the claim lasts longer than … [Read More...]


Injury Response

Improve Immediate Injury Response

Have procedures in place from the moment an injury occurs until an employee returns to work on full duty or transitional duty. Having procedures in place sends the message that you - the employer - are in control. Report the claim to your claim administrator immediately so the … [Read More...]


Return-to-Work Programs & Transitional Duty Policies

Return-to-Work Programs & Transitional Duty Policies

Bring Employees Back to Work Sooner The fundamental reason WC Costs are too high is: Too Many Employees are Out of Work Too Long Return to work programs focus on bringing employees back to work as soon as they are … [Read More...]

Buy Insurance

Buyer's Guide: Workers Comp Insurance Policy and Coverage

Buyer’s Guide: Workers Comp Insurance Policy and Coverage Information

When you open or run a business, you need to determine whether workers' compensation coverage is required. It probably is! How much does workers' compensation insurance cost a business? The cost of workers' compensation varies depending on the number of employees, how risky … [Read More...]


Claim Handling: Workers Compensation Best Practices

Claim Handling: Workers Compensation Best Practices

"Best practices" are often referenced in the handling of workers compensation claims without an explanation as to what they are or what the insurance industry standards are for handling workers compensation claims. While "best practices" vary slightly from insurance company to … [Read More...]

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Provider Selection Process

Selection of Physical Therapy Providers

Doctors Usually Refer Employees to Physical Therapist An area often overlooked by employers and the workers compensation insurance adjusters is the proper selection of the physical therapist and office. Normally the … [Read More...]

Medical Costs

Medical Cost Containment Strategies

Medical Cost Containment Strategies

Look at the Total Loss Costs (TLC), Not Just the Line-by-Line Items. The best technique to control medical costs in workers' compensation is a Total Loss Cost (TLC) approach. To be truly effective in controlling the medical cost of workers' compensation, employers and insurers … [Read More...]

Issues by Industry

Workers Comp by Industry


Workers' Compensation Issues by Industry Agriculture Amusement Parks Banking Casinos Commercial Fishermen Construction Entertainment Federal Government Food & Beverage … [Read More...]

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