Eliminate Workers Comp Fraud

Nearly 25% of All Lost Time Claims Are Exaggerated A small percentage of workers’ comp claims are fraudulent, but quite a few claims (nearly 25% of all lost-time claims) are  “exaggerated.” This is calling malingering. In other words, the claim lasts longer than the medical disability. The employee has recovered enough to return to work […]

Structured Settlements in Workers’ Compensation

Self-insured employers often question how to resolve their high value and difficult to conclude claims. The financial expectations and medical needs of the injured employees create complicated issues preventing a claim settlement. Structured settlements can often be the bridge to achieving a settlement when the injured employee will have on-going financial and medical needs. We […]

Workers Compensation in the Trucking Industry

Cost of Truckers Workers Comp Workers compensation insurance for interstate trucking companies can be hard to obtain because the insurance company underwriter has difficulty accessing the risk. Often, a trucking company is located in one state, the truck drivers live in other states, and the workers comp injury occurs in a third state. Normally in […]

National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™

A Workers’ Comp Best Practices Assessment Best Practices apply to 99% of all situations, but sometimes terminology might be slightly different. Some businesses prefer to tailor or customize the assessment to be industry-specific or company-specific. Corporations customize the assessment to fit their company’s terminology. Insurance companies customize the assessment to align with their unique underwriting […]

FAQ: Best Practices Assessment Tool

Who should complete this survey? The workers’ compensation project team should assemble to answer and discuss the questions. If the team is not yet assembled, one person can complete the survey initially; however, once the team is assembled the assessment should be repeated. What size company should use this assessment? Any size company can use […]

Workers’ Compensation Best Practice Profile Ranking

The Best Practice Profile Ranking, a part of the National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ assessment module, pinpoints problem areas for multi-locations companies. It shows management the biggest areas of opportunity. Gives executives a sense of what the problems are and how widespread they are. Identifies whether the problems are at 2 business units or 200 […]

National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ Ranking

The National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ Ranking lets you rank all divisions or locations in your company from Best-to-Worst. Whether you have 2 or 200 locations, you will know where to focus your cost containment efforts. It is a corporate-wide needs assessment. Use the Best-to-Worst Score Ranking to: Focus cost containment efforts on the locations […]

Return to Work Ratio

Use the Return to Work Ratio to see how effective your transitional duty program is. Are employees who are injured on the job returning to work within an appropriate time frame? Or, are they out on comp for weeks at a time? Use the Return To Work (RTW) Ratio to monitor how many employees are […]

Workers’ Compensation Best Practice Gap Analysis

The Workers’ Compensation Best Practice Gap Analysis for Multiple-Site Employers identifies the biggest areas of opportunity by pinpointing problem areas. It is part of the National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ assessment module for multiple-site employers. The Workers’ Comp Best Practice Gap Analysis identifies how wide spread implementation is for EACH best practice. For example. if […]

Benchmarking Report

Benchmarking is another way to measure the success of your Workers' Comp Management Strategies. Use benchmarking to establish a baseline. Benchmarks help you determine how well your company is doing and how much you can save. Find out if your company's losses are higher or lower than the national average – this affects your approach […]

Professional Development Resource

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