National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ Ranking

The National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ Ranking lets you rank all divisions or locations in your company from Best-to-Worst. Whether you have 2 or 200 locations, you will know where to focus your cost containment efforts. It is a corporate-wide needs assessment.

Use the Best-to-Worst Score Ranking to:

  • Focus cost containment efforts on the locations in the lower half of the ranking list — those with the fewest best practices in place.
  • Devote additional resources to the units with the most problems.
  • Develop internal mentor relationships by pairing a company in the lower half of the ranking with a location in the top half of the ranking.

It provides a uniform comparison of best practices across your company — for all locations.There are many benefits of this analysis:

  • It identifies locations that have implemented the fewest best practices.
  • When you know which locations have implemented the fewest best practices, you will be able to offer additional resources immediately to those locations most in need.
  • Identify the location that has implemented the most best practices and ask them to offer assistance in cross-divisional mentoring or training.
  • Measure best practices in eleven key cost driver areas consistently across the company.
  • You will finally KNOW which locations need the most help.

If you want to do more intensive diagnosis of problem locations, a good next step is to benchmark the Cost per Employee and the Return to Work Ratio for each location.

For more details, read Areas of Assessment.

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