Return to Work Ratio

Use the Return to Work Ratio to see how effective your transitional duty program is.

  • Are employees who are injured on the job returning to work within an appropriate time frame?
  • Or, are they out on comp for weeks at a time?

Use the Return To Work (RTW) Ratio to monitor how many employees are out of work in each lost time category.

  • The RTW Ratio calculates Total Lost Days and Total Claims

    Click on the graph and activate the feature which shows the percentage of employee that have returned to work within the first few days after the injury.

  • Add new injury episodes, and work toward your goal until 95% of employees are returning to work within the first four days after the injury.
  • The RTW Ratio shows you how to categorize lost work days to make sure that employees aren't out of work too long

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Reduce Your Collateral Requirements!

When your RTW Ratio improves, ask your broker to include this information with your insurance submission for renewal or insurance bids. The carriers will want to know that you have made operational changes that will result in reduced workers’ comp losses.

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