Workers’ Compensation Best Practice Gap Analysis

The Workers’ Compensation Best Practice Gap Analysis for Multiple-Site Employers identifies the biggest areas of opportunity by pinpointing problem areas. It is part of the National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ assessment module for multiple-site employers.

The Workers’ Comp Best Practice Gap Analysis identifies how wide spread implementation is for EACH best practice. For example. if 100% of the divisions do not send Get Well Cards to injured employees and 80% of the locations do not have transitional duty policies, you will know to include these in your next training session.

  • Gives workers’ comp managers a detailed breakdown of what to include in training programs to establish learning objectives based on REAL needs rather than assumptions or guessing.
  • You will know the exact problems and how widespread they are.
  • As each location takes the Assessment, the Gap Analysis instantly shows which best practices have not been implemented at your operating units. Is only one location falling behind or are most of your locations failing to implement workers’ compensation best practices?
  • Identifies opportunities across all business groups. Can be used by companies, associations, and organizations to identify how the entire membership base is doing in workers’ comp management best practices.

Review the Gap Analysis NOW to find out the best practices that are missed most commonly and use them as learning objectives for a custom Workers Comp Boot Camp or for your internal workers’ compensation training program. For more details, read Areas of Assessment.

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