Workers Comp Boot Camp

Our team is renowned in the insurance industry for the workers' comp education programs we built in the past 20 years. We have a proven track record for building WC Management Programs which save companies between 20-50%. At Workers' Comp Boot Camp™, we take it one step at a time.

WC Boot Camp™ Overview

  • Develop your Workers' Compensation Management Program (WCMP) in a structured online classroom setting guided by experts in the field who have a proven track record for cost containment.
  • Participants read course content prior to class, and download sample documents prior to WC Boot Camp™.
  • You'll customize your WCMP materials before class, then be prepared to show the class your materials.
  • All participants in WC Boot Camp™ will learn, laugh and form an ongoing bond with their peers who are also taking the course.
  • When the class ends, you'll be ready to roll out your own program at your company!
  • All participants need a subscription to Workers Comp Kit® which must be purchased in advance.
  • Subscription Length: 6 Months

WC Boot Camp™ Curriculum

  • Curriculum Week One:
    • Each "Camper" will take the Best Practice Assessment and get their National Workers’ Compensation Score™.
    • We'll discuss what methods of implementation are most effective in your type of company.
  • Curriculum Week Two:
    • Each Camper will produce a Benchmark Report using the calculators on Workers Comp Kit®.
    • We'll discuss Post Injury Response Steps for your company, and critique materials downloaded from Workers Comp Kit® to use in participant's companies.
    • Each person will discuss what materials they've selected and have an opportunity to show the group their customized materials by uploading them for the class to see.
  • Each week, we:
    • Address a new key cost driver
    • Select more materials, and
    • Gradually build those materials into a full-blown Workers' Comp Management Program.
  • We encourage active participation and sharing because that's how participants design the best programs — by getting feedback and encouragement from the group.
  • By the 10th week you'll be ready to roll out your WCMP.
    • In the last few classes, we'll review progress and discuss what works and what doesn't work.
    • It's hard work, but it'll pay off in huge cost savings for your employer this year and every year after!


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