Benchmarking Report

Benchmarking is another way to measure the success of your Workers' Comp Management Strategies. Use benchmarking to establish a baseline.

  • Benchmarks help you determine how well your company is doing and how much you can save.
  • Find out if your company's losses are higher or lower than the national average – this affects your approach to workers' compensation cost containment.
  • Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses by inputting your company data and generating a Benchmarking Report instantly.

Workers’ Comp Benchmarks for 14 Key Industries

We have benchmarks for 50 states,14 industry groups and all industries combined.

Our industry groups include:

  • Banks
  • Consumer Discretionary
  • Consumer Staples
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Government & Non-Profit
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Information Technology
  • Materials
  • Non-Bank Financials
  • Professional Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

We develop benchmarks using a variety of data sources on an aggregate basis. This provides a framework enabling companies to compare their own total experience, and changes in that experience, over time. The goal is to provide relative indicators as to where injury management efforts can yield the most impactful results.

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