Recommendations for Improvement

Get your National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ by answering questions in ten key areas. Once you know your score, we help you develop an Improvement Plan to bring your costs down.

Then, based on your assessment results, you can plan improvements to reduce your costs.

What is YOUR Score?

Once you know your National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™, where do you go from there?

Workers’ Comp Kit®: Generate Customized Recommendations for Improvement

It’s an important question. Workers Comp Kit® generates customized Recommendations for Improvement from your responses in the WC Assessment.
Based on these recommendations you can:These high-level recommendations offer strategies, programs, policies and procedures that you can customize and integrate into your company’s unique business culture.

These recommendations are the result of 20 years experience in Workers Compensation Management and have helped businesses nationwide control their costs and change the way they manage Workers’ Compensation.

Use Recommendations for Improvement to create a roadmap to success.

After you examine your Recommendation Report, the Workers’ Comp Kit® Improvement Plan will provide detailed information on how to implement the recommendations in a well-organized step-by-step format.

Read the Workers’ Comp Kit® Improvement Plan Overview for more information.

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