Workers’ Comp Kit® Improvement Plan Overview

Workers’ Comp Kit® is a systematic approach to managing your workers’ compensation costs. It is a comprehensive program which addresses each aspect of a company’s policies and procedures that impact workplace injuries.

It is not a “quick fix”…
It’s a comprehensive fix!!

There are 10 modules which together make up a complete cost reduction program. Each module contains:

  • A discussion of a key area of the workers’ compensation management process
  • Related forms identified in bold italics that are all customizable
  • Sample documents
  • Spanish translations of key documents

While there are a variety of programs to reduce workers’ compensation costs, there are basic practices common to every successful program. These include:

  • A well-managed safety program
  • Availability of cooperative and effective medical providers
  • Availability of transitional duty
  • Effective and ongoing communication between employers and their injured workers
  • Close coordination with the claims administrator

Workers’ Comp Kit® addresses each module through a step-by-step process which emphasizes communication among all parties involved.

The workers’ compensation management program has four phases, each with various steps that can be developed one at a time or several together depending on timeframe and available resources.

Click on a box below for more detailed information on each phase of the Workers’ Comp Kit® Improvement Plan.


Step 1: Assemble Project Team
Step 2: Select Team Lead
Step 3: Obtain Your National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™
Step 4: Review Recommendations
Step 5: Analyze Benchmarks & Develop Goals
Step 6: Use Weekly Timetable
Step 7: Determine Program Name
Step 8: Select Injury Coordinator
Step 9: Schedule Diagnostic File Review


Step 10: Design Forms and Procedures


Step 11: Program Awareness
Step 12: Training
Step 13: Implementation (‘Go-Live)


Step 14: Monitoring the Program

For detailed explanations, Read Workers’ Comp Kit® Improvement Plan Step-by-Step

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