Phase 3: Training & Implementation

Workers’ Comp Improvement Plan – Phase 3

All Employees from Top to Bottom

3  Phase Three – Steps 11 through 13

Training and ImplementationThe steps in the Training & Implementation Phase involve a training program for all employees from top management to individual workers who are involved in the workers’ compensation/injury management process.

  • Employees will be up-to-date and comfortable with any new forms, policies, and procedures
  • Following training will be the actual implementation (going-live,) the point at which all new changes are officially adopted


Workers’ Compensation
Improvement Plan Steps

  1. Assessment & Recommendation
  2. Design & Development
  3. Training & Implementation
  4. Monitoring & Management

It is important to keep all members of senior management aware of progress and major changes, even those who are not directly involved in the project.

  • This should take place periodically throughout the project to allow for discussion and issue resolution well in advance of program training and implementation.
  • However, once all documents, policies, and procedures have been finalized, it is extremely important to meet with senior management to advise them of the changes and allow for any questions or concerns prior to training and implementation

Communication is the key to a successful program!


Prior to implementing a workers’ compensation program it is important that all employees are aware of changes and key personnel are trained using new forms and procedures. Some key training activities include:

  • Inform supervisors of day-to-day responsibilities
  • Inform all employees of new processes; emphasize benefits and encourage participation
  • Distribution of new policies and procedures
  • Promote program via memos, brochures, posters, newsletters, acknowledgment, etc.
  • Reinforce management commitment via newsletters/key inquiries by top managers
  • Identify and document transitional duty tasks
  • Incorporate new policies/procedures into Human Resources packet for current employees & new hires


Once all training and communication to employees has been completed the program is ready to be rolled out.

  • Tracking methods should be implemented and all forms must be available and ready to use
  • This is the point at which the program should be adopted in full

Next Step: Phase 4 – Monitoring & Management

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