Step-by-Step Workers Comp Improvement Plan

Workers’ Compensation
Improvement Plan Steps

  1. Assessment & Recommendation
  2. Design & Development
  3. Training & Implementation
  4. Monitoring & Management

14 Steps in Four Phases

Long-Term Reduction of Your Workers' Comp Costs


Steps 1 through 9

The steps in the Assessment & Recommendation Phase involve selecting a team and gathering information about your current program, including vendor partners, associated claims, and reported losses.

For details about Phase 1 visit Assessment & Recommendation


Step 10

The steps in the Design & Development Phase involve developing all materials (templates, forms, sample letters, etc.) that will be used through the life of the program.

For details about Phase 2 visit Design & Development


Steps 11 through 13

The steps in the Training & Implementation Phase involve a training program for all employees from top management to individual workers who are involved in the workers' compensation/injury management process.

  • Employees will be up-to-date and comfortable with any new forms, policies, and procedures
  • Following training will be the actual implementation (going-live,) the point at which all new changes are officially adopted

For details about Phase 3 visit Training & Implementation


Step 14

The final, ongoing step in the Monitoring & Management Phase involves posting implementation support and monitoring of processes, injury claims, and lost time data.

For details about Phase 4 visit Monitoring & Management

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