National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™

A Workers’ Comp Best Practices Assessment Best Practices apply to 99% of all situations, but sometimes terminology might be slightly different. Some businesses prefer to tailor or customize the assessment to be industry-specific or company-specific. Corporations customize the assessment to fit their company’s terminology. Insurance companies customize the assessment to align with their unique underwriting […]

Management Roles and Responsibilities In A Workers Compensation Program

Employers who take control and direct the management of their workers compensation injury claims are most likely to see the best results in cost savings. The personnel involved often include the workers compensation claim coordinator, the floor or field supervisors, mid-management, medical personnel, legal, senior management and even the employees. Management Roles and Responsibilities The […]

Small Businesses and Workers’ Compensation: Help Your Customers Reduce Their WC Costs

By Rebecca Shafer, J.D. – June 2010   Many large employers have programs to cut their workers’ compensation losses. Small employers are run more informally and rarely have such programs – but the need is the same or even greater, as there’s less room for financial error. By getting educated in workers’ compensation management, you […]

Must an Employer Maintain a Safe Workplace?

Resoundingly, yes! Critical Component in Reducing or Eliminating Injuries Maintaining a safe workplace is a critical component in reducing or eliminating injuries and lends itself to the opportunity to engage every employee in the effort. Reduction or elimination of injuries decreases an employer’s costs and potentially saves employees from a permanently life-altering injury or illness. […]

On Foreign Ground: Insuring and Protecting Your Employees Abroad

By Rebecca A. Shafer – November 2009 With globalization and international trade increasing, more U.S.-based organizations are sending their employees to other countries on both short- and long-term assignments. For these employers, making sure their employees have appropriate workers compensation and liability insurance is as important as ensuring their physical security or that their vaccinations […]

5 Steps for Risk Managers to Contain & Control Costs

By WCK Staff – October 2009 How to Explain the Financial Impact of Workers’ Compensation Insurance to Upper Management. Get Your Workers’ Comp Costs Under Control The financial impact of skyrocketing workers’ compensation insurance costs often goes unrecognized. Many businesses think it is just a cost of doing business. That’s a myth. What is NOT […]

Workers’ Comp Success Depends on Quality Analysis

By REBECCA A. SHAFER – February 2009 Published in the February 9, 2009 issue of Business Insurance A guy is looking for a lost nickel under a streetlight. When quizzed, he says he lost it elsewhere, but he’s looking there “because the light is better here.” That old joke is relevant to workers’ compensation. Managers and executives often misidentify the […]

Siete Razones Mayores Por La Que Costos de Compensación Laboral Son Tan Altos (Seven Reasons Workers Comp Costs are High)

Escrito por Robert Elliott Es importante el saber el POR QUE los costos son tan altos, para que á crear un programa donde á tener control de ellos. Quiero que entendáis que aunque soy un abogado, no os estoy dando consejos legales. Os estoy proporcionando una idea general por la que podéis usar para contener […]

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