National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™

A Workers’ Comp Best Practices Assessment

Best Practices apply to 99% of all situations, but sometimes terminology might be slightly different. Some businesses prefer to tailor or customize the assessment to be industry-specific or company-specific.

  • Corporations customize the assessment to fit their company’s terminology.
  • Insurance companies customize the assessment to align with their unique underwriting requirements.
  • Associations and organizations tailor the terminology to their unique industry and/or state.
  • States and municipalities tailor the assessment questions and recommendations to discuss agency needs.

When you start the Workers’ Comp Kit® program, you use the National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ module’s Best Practices Assessment Survey to acquire your current National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ by answering questions in ten key areas. This sets a benchmark against which you can compare your future practices and improvements.

  • Once you know your score, we help you develop an Improvement Plan to bring your costs down.
  • Then, based on your assessment results, you can plan improvements to reduce your costs.

For more details, read Assessments & Recommendations.

National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™

The National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ gives you an overall score, and you can see how you stack up to scores of other companies taking the assessment, or to other divisions in your company.

  • Find out where your company stands by taking the Workers’ Compensation Best Practice Assessment.
  • This standardized assessment gives you a score and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses in key cost control areas.
  • You get an immediate quantifiable measurement which pinpoints the gaps in your current program.
  • Use this information to design a Workers’ Comp Management Program to regain control of your WC costs.

Additionally, companies that operate in multiple locations, whether 2 business units or 200, can use the Best Practice Profile Ranking feature to pinpoint individual problem areas. For more information, read Best Practice Profile Ranking.

Reduce Your Collateral Requirements!

When your National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ improves, make sure your broker includes this information with your insurance submission for renewal or insurance bids. The carriers will want to know that you have made operational changes that will result in reduced workers’ comp losses.

Operational changes won’t result in reduced costs immediately, but you can use progress as shown on the National Workers’ Compensation Management Score Tracker™ to get a lower insurance price.

Show your progress to a Collateral Officer to reduce your collateral requirements.

Still Have Questions About the Workers’ Comp Kit®?

Why should my company be concerned about their National Workers’ Compensation Management Score?™

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