Casinos in workers' compensationWorkers’ compensation insurance for employers who operated casinos is slightly higher in cost than for work comp coverage is in general. Most casinos are insured by companies that specialize in this market.


Geographic Spread is Growing

The geographical spread of casinos is growing. Casinos are no longer limited to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

  • Casinos have been opened on various Indian Reservations since Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1988.
    • Indian reservation casinos are not required to carry workers’ compensation:
    • They are not subject to state laws
    • However, in some states, they voluntarily submit to state jurisdiction for workers’ comp purposes.
  • Several states have approved Riverboat Casinos in an effort to obtain revenue.


Labor Force Is Union and Non-Union

The casino workforce will consist of: card dealers, pit clerks, cage cashiers, slot technicians, security officers, and cocktail waitresses.

  • In most of the large casinos in Las Vegas, the labor force is unionized by the Culinary Union.
  • The labor forces at most Indian operated casinos are non-union.

Safety programs are a part of the risk management program of each casino.

  • Most casinos are built with the safety of the customers and staff in mind.
  • Some of the very large casinos have an on-site medical facility for treatment of sick or injured customers which will also treat minor work-related injuries.
    • Most casinos are built or docked if a riverboat, near a city where medical care will be available to the employees of a casino.
    • The selection of medical providers by the employer or the employee will be determined by the state where the accident occurs.


Carpel Tunnel Injuries Most Common

Indemnity benefits for casinos workers reflect the overall benefit levels of the state where the accident happens.

  • Indemnity benefits for casinos workers are approximately the same as for work comp claimants in general.
  • Carpel tunnel injuries to card dealers is the most common type of disability claim among a wide variety of injury types.

Some categories related to casinos that would have the same or similar work comp issues include:

  • Sport betting companies
  • Bookies (where legal)
  • Bingo parlors


Transitional / Modified Duties in the Casino Industry

Employee’s with restrictions who work in the casino or gaming industry can usually be accommodated fairly easily. Jobs allowing employees to alternate sitting and standing are available and the reduction of coin use has all but eliminated lifting heavy bags of coins.

If there is an applicable Union Contract, be sure to review the terms of the contract to verify modified duty is not prohibited or restricted. Lighter duty jobs include:

Beverage Server:Serving drinks in the casino.
Parking Attendant:Working the booth or parking cars for customers.
Concierge:Assist in providing customers with directions or errands.
Clerical Work:Assist in office, may allow one handed work.

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