Idaho Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Idaho Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws Idaho Workers’ Compensation Rules(All links open in new window.) 17.02.02, Rules Governing Scope, Coverage and Liability 17.02.03, Security for Compensation 17.02.04, Benefits 17.02.05, Administrative Rules of the Industrial Commission Under Worker’s Compensation Law 17.02.06, Employer’s Reports 17.02.07, Procedures To Obtain Compensation 17.02.08, Miscellaneous Provisions 17.03.01 – Rehabilitation Rules Of […]

Idaho Drug Testing and Workers’ Comp Laws

Idaho Workers’ Compensation Laws and RegulationsOfficial Idaho Website IDAHO State Law Summary – Workplace Drug/Alcohol Testing [Editor Note:  The information contained below was last updated in 2011 and is currently outdated.  New laws are passed and changed frequently.  This information is provided for general educational purposes only, IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE LEGAL OR […]

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