Utah Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations

Utah Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws Utah Workers’ Compensation Rules(All links open in new window.) 5.R612-5. Employee Leasing Company Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Endorsements. 9.R612-9. Designation of the Initial Assessment of Noncompliance Penalties as an "Informal" Proceeding. 10.R612-10. HIV, Hepatitis B and C Testing and Reporting for Emergency Medical Services Providers. 11.R612-11. Prohibition of Direct […]

Utah Drug Testing and Workers’ Comp Laws

Utah Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations Official Utah Website UTAH State Law Summary – Workplace Drug/Alcohol Testing [Editor’s Note:  These notes may not address your issue – they represent the editor’s opinion of state’s highlights] GENERAL COMMENTS: This is a “hybrid” state meaning there are “mandatory” guidelines, which apply if an employer chooses to conduct […]

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