Washington Workers’ Comp Drug Testing Laws Washington Workers’ Compensation Rules(All links open in new window.) 296-15-223 Self-insurance administrative assessment. 296-15-225 Self-insurance second injury fund assessment. 296-15-227 Self-insurance insolvency trust fund assessment. 296-15-229 Self-insurance supplemental pension fund (SPF) and asbestosis fund assessments. 296-15-231 Self-insurance electronic data reporting system (SIEDRS). 296-15-4302 What is the Self-Insurance Vocational Reporting […]

Washington Drug Testing and Workers’ Comp Laws

Washington State Workers’ Compensation Laws and Regulations Official Washington State Website WASHINGTON State Law Summary – Workplace Drug/Alcohol Testing GENERAL COMMENTS: Washington is considered an “open” state meaning there are no statutes, regulations or significant court decisions limiting employer drug testing, including a recent State Supreme Court decision regarding medical marijuana. POLICY: NO law requires […]

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