Free Transitional Duty Cost Calculator

Will bringing an employee back to work sooner save your company money? Absolutely! Our RTW Cost Savings Calculator shows how much your company can save by bringing employees back to work sooner. 

  • Track your transitional duty savings each and every month.
  • Use this quick and easy-to-use tool to show management how much your transitional duty program is saving your company.
  • This tool calculates how much a particular lost time claim costs your company.
Calculate, Compare & Cut Costs!
Click Image to Try the Free Calculator!

Click to Try the Transitional Duty Cost Calculator

Click Image to Try the Free Calculator!

Implementing an effective transitional duty program can be challenging, especially if management is unaware of how much a transitional duty program can save your company.

Show upper management how an effective program can save your company money by using the free Transitional Duty Cost Calculator.

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