Workers Comp Mod Audits

Workers’ Compensation costs are increasing every day. We aid businesses in reducing costs through time-proven techniques. These techniques apply to all states and all types of businesses. Don’t let this often ignored expense kill your insurance budget.

  • Designed for companies of all sizes located anywhere in the U.S.
  • Current & past policies can be reviewed
  • Locate hidden overcharges
  • Assist in finding coverages
  • File reserve analysis
  • General file reviews
  • File performance reviews
  • Hourly or contingent-fee basis


Our Specific Offerings:

  1. Premium Analysis – Statistically analyze your premiums and NCCI / state bureau Experience Mod calculations for errors. Thoroughly review the auditor’s computations to verify the accuracy of the yearly premium audit.
  2. Reserve Analysis and Review –   Examine your claims reserves to make sure they are in line with industry standards and that files are closed promptly. 
  3. Experience Mod Projections – Forecast your company’s Experience Mod for up to five years in the future.
  4. Physical or Online File Reviews – Review the claims adjuster’s work to ensure proper claims handling, reserving, and subrogation.
  5. Self Insurance Services -Analyze your company’s current Workers’ Compensation insurance situation to see if self-insurance is a viable option.  We can help you design or modify your self-insurance program for maximum cost savings.
  6. Self-Insurance Loss Development Factors – Forecast your required spending levels for up to 10 years in the future using current and past data.


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