Workers Compensation Consulting & Coaching

Personal consultation and coaching will include moving you through the assessment stage to planning and implementation:

  • You will not have a report sitting on your shelf collecting dust.
  • We will help you devise an appropriate strategy for implementation.
  • Your tools will be available 24/7 on Workers Comp Kit®
  • You will be able to begin implementation immediately.

For a few hours a week, we will personally work with you to provide hands-on assistance. We will do as much or as little as you would like. We will work "behind the scenes" as a mentor or develop your training program and run your meetings.

  • This is the quickest way to move your Workers’ Comp Management program into active implementation.
  • This is a good choice if you are new to the risk management field, or if you want to start immediately but are short handed.
  • Personal Coaching gives you access to the correct answers instantly to build a successful Workers’ Comp Management Program.
  • Our assistance is also a good idea for employers who may be experts in their fields but require technical assistance in the sub-specialty of workers’ comp management.
  • Additionally, Live Help is available for support when you need it. (opens in new window)

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Looking for Help?

For immediate assistance or more information, please Contact Us.

Professional Development Resource

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