Custom WC Programs and Training

If you can’t tackle this problem alone, we work one-on-one with you. We strategize and help design practical success tools.

Our consultants are industry leaders in the fields of Workers’ Compensation, Injury Management and Disability Management. We bring a minimum of 15 years experience in a broad range of industries.

We have worked with mega-companies, ‘big box’ companies, independent companies, decentralized companies, unionized companies – all types and sizes of companies and entities!

We Teach, We Train, and We Facilitate Change!

We take the guesswork out of implementing a workers’ compensation process. We have years of experience in doing just what you are doing. We will help you overcome obstacles, increase program efficiency and improve effectiveness.

Your consultant learns your business through telephone interviews or on-site visits with people in your company, your insurance broker and your insurance carrier who are involved with the workers’ compensation process. We will review your current program and jump in as part of your advisory team.

Implementation Team Meetings will be scheduled at agreed upon times. Action Plans are used by team participants to identify each task to be completed. We specify dates for completion and indicate who is responsible for each task. The Action Plan keeps all team members involved and accountable.

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Our Workers’ Compensation Injury Management Consultants, Claims Professionals and Medical Advisors will work with you to design procedures and protocol for early, active claims involvement and defined post-injury steps for employees, supervisors, and senior management.

Working together, we’ll develop Supervisory Training Programs with slides, exercises, and workshop handouts. We’ll help develop Senior Management Presentations to show management how the program works. We’ll even help select the name for your program!

Our training programs include key talking points, scripts, facilitator manuals with instructions, excercises, handouts, agendas, and video scripts with voice-over wording. We’ll save you hours of valuable time.

We provide training programs of all depths and levels of complexity including:

We provide training programs of all depths and levels of complexity including:

  • One – Three hour seminars which provide an overview of the workers’ compensation process
  • Three-Day Boot Camp-style training where all divisions of your company come to a central training facility to learn the latest workers’ compensation cost containment techniques
  • Web-based training and tele-seminars accessed from your office

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