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Compliance Center – Includes coverage and posting requirements, information on claims handling, medical and wage benefits, reporting requirements, licensing and continuing education requirements and more.

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Legal Library – Over 20,000 court cases, case law summaries and searchable state statutes and procedural rules.

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50 State Comparative Tables – A variety of comparison tables providing key data by state, including:
    • Type Of Law And Insurance Requirements
    • Numerical Exemptions
    • Coverage Of Agricultural Workers
    • Coverage Of Domestic Employees
    • States Allowing Self-Insurance
    • States With A State-Run Workers Compensation Fund
    • Waiting Periods
    • Methods Of Payment Of Scheduled Awards
    • States Providing Disfigurement Benefits
    • Maximum Burial Allowances
    • Maximum Compensation Adjustment Dates And Percentages
    • Method Of Payment of Compensation
    • Offset Provisions
    • Fraud Laws
    • Immunity Laws
    • Medical Benefits
    • Physician Selection
    • Rehabilitation Benefits
    • Attorney Continuing Education Requirements By State
    • Employer’s Report of Accident
    • Subrogation
    • Drug Free Workplace Policies And Testing Regulations  
    • Workers’ Compensation For Volunteer Firefighters
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Reference Desk – Contains Workers’ Comp and Legal term dictionaries, medical terms, medical fee schedules, anatomical charts, prescription abbreviations, Class Codes, Life Expectancy Tables, information on Experience Mods, Medicare Set-Asides and much more.

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Benefit Calculators – Calculate Temporary Partial Disability, Temporary Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, and Permanent Total Disability benefits.

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Forms Center – Valuable, time-saving forms, by State, available to download for your use, such as:

  • First Report of Injury or Illness
  • Wage Statement  Request for Wage Loss
  • Notice of Action/Change (available forms may vary by State)

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