Workers Compensation Abbreviations And Terminology

workers compensation abbreviations and terminology

Workers Compensation Abbreviations And Terminology

Terms Description
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AHI Account Handling Instructions
AME Agreed Medical Exam
ARE Actual Reduced Earnings
ASI Account Service Instructions
AWW Average Weekly Wage
C/R Causal Relationship or Causally Related
CIB Central Index Bureau
DOI Date of Injury
DOL Date of Loss
Dx Diagnosis
EE Employee
ER Employer
ERTW Estimated Return to Work or Early Return to Work
FBCM Field-based Case Management
FCE Functional Capacity Evaluation
FCRD Further Causally Related Disability
FD Full Duty
FMLA Family & Medical Leave Act
FTE Full-Time Equivalent (Employee)
Hx History
IME Independent Medical Evaluation/Examination
Incurred All costs which have been paid and reserved.
IND Indemnity. Lost wages which are paid
LD Light Duty – another term for transitional duty
LOV Last office visit
LT Lost Time
LTD Long Term Disability
MD Modified Duty – another term for transitional duty
MDA Modified Duty Assignment
MMI Maximum Medical Improvement
MO Medical-Only, Med-Only. No time lost from work
NCM Nurse Case Management
NOV Next Office Visit
OOW Out Of Work
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Agency
OT Occupational Therapy
OTC Over the Counter (Drugs)
P & S Permanent and Stationary (similar to MMI)
Paid Costs that have been paid to medical providers, the employee or for
PIR Permanent Impairment Rating
POA Plan of Action
PPD Permanent Partial Disability
PPI Prior Permanent Impairment
PPL Push, Pull, Lift
PT Physical Therapy
PTD Permanent Total Disability
QME Qualified Medical Exam (similar to IME)
RD Restricted Days
RE Reduced Earnings
Reserved Money that has been set aside to cover future claim costs.
RFP Request for Proposal
RM Risk Management
RMIS Risk Management Information Systems s
ROM Range of Motion
RTW Return-To-Work
Rx Prescription
SAI Special Account Instructions
SHI Special Handling Instructions
SIF Second Injury Fund
SLU Schedule Loss of Use
SS Social Security
SSDB Social Security Disability Benefits
SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance
SSI Supplemental Security Income (disability payments for people without
enough reported earnings to qualify for SSDB)
STD Short Term Disability
Sx Surgery
TAF Transitional Assignment Form m
TD/TAD Transitional Duty/ Transitional Alternate Duty
TPA Third Party Administrator
TPD Temporary Partial Disability
TTD Temporary Total Disability. Temporarily not able to work.
Tx Treatment
VAO Valued As Of (a certain date)
WAF Work Ability Form
WC Workers’ Compensation
WCB Workers’ Compensation Board


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Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services Abbreviations * (CMS)


Terms Description


Account Designee. Assigned by the Account Manager


Account Manager. Assigned by the Authorized Representative


Account Representative. Can contractually bind the insurer


Coordination of Benefits Center. Responsible for receiving MQF and MIR


Coordination of Benefits Secure Web-Site. For RRE registration processing


Conditional Payment


Conditional Payment Research


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


Claim Settlement Allocation


Electronic Data Interface


Lead Contractor, see MSPRC


Mandatory Insurer Reporting


Medicare & Medicaid State Children’s Health Insurance Program Extension


Medicare Query Function. Used to determine Medicare eligibility &
reporting requirements


Medicare Set Aside. Allocation


Medicare Secondary Payer


Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor. Responsible for recovery
of CP


National Association of Insurance Commissioners


Non-Group Health Plans. Workers’ compensation, liability, auto NF


Personal Identification Number. For COBSW


Responsible Reporting Entity


Responsible Reporting Entity Identification


State Children’s Health Insurance Program


Secure File Transfer Protocol




Tax Identification Number


Third Party Administrator


Total Payment Obligation of Claimant

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