The Best Kodi Boxes of 2016

2016 is poised to be the year that Kodi comes up big. (You may remember XBMC of the past. Now it is called Kodi.)

Kodi is the ultimate media center for cord cutters. If you have a ton of content you want to watch on your TV Kodi is a great management tool to make it happen. What is the best device you can run Kodi on in 2016? Here is our list of the best Kodi devices on the market today.

Nvidia Shield

If you want something super powerful that plays games, runs Androids, and has amazing 4K HDR support check out the Nvidia Shield. It may really be the best Kodi box on the market today.

You can find the Nvidia Shield on Amazon here:

G-Box Q 2

If you want something cheaper the G-Box Q2 Android streaming player is impressive with 4K, quad core processor, XBMC/Kodi, and Android. The new G-Box Q2 is faster than the older G-Box Q with smooth video play and an attractive design from the box to the menus makes this a solid option for anyone looking for an Android or Kodi player. The best part is that the G-Box Q2 has a clean version of Kodi no skins or add-ons. It is also the bestselling Android set-top box on Amazon at the time of this post.

You can buy the G-Box Q on Amazon here:

You can find our full review of the G-Box Q here: 

MI Box

Want a fully powered 4K Android TV box that can run Kodi? Yet don’t want to pay a lot? The MI Box is what you want.

You can find the MI box on Amazon here: 

Fire TV

If you want a great streaming media player that can also give you access to Netflix, Amazon Video, and more? Check out the Fire TV as a great option for Kodi.

You can find the Fire TV on Amazon here:

Element Ti4

The Element Android TV Media Box is the first box we tested that had zero setup required after we connected it to our TV and plugged it in. The Element Android TV box comes preloaded with apps, like Netflix, and a range of add-ons for Kodi/XBMC. When we plugged it into the TV the first time it just worked. If you need an easy-to-setup Android TV Box, the Element is one you need to look into.

You can buy the Element Ti4 on Amazon here:

You can find our full review of the Element Ti4 here:

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  • John Small

    Online forum is high on NVIDIA Shield and Lollipop with ART and recommending installation limited to officially approved Kodi addons. Have Matricom G Box Q for one year with many addons but apparently Q is limited to Kit Kat. Lollipop with ART recommened as desirable upgrade for improved streaming.

  • Qp

    Will all of these boxes work I Canada?

    • Admin

      Yes they will work in Canada.

  • roger

    I purchased the IDroidNation box. Works great super easy set up.

  • Max

    Will these boxes work in Australia

    • Peter

      Kodi is not geo specific. Android boxes will work anywhere, esp. since addons pull streams from all over the world. You can stream British content, Indian, Chinese, American — you name it. Oh, and Australian, too.

  • Pat

    we have the K Iplus and basically its shit what do you thing?

  • Sarah

    Is it easy to watch tv programs with these boxes?

  • tracy

    I have Kodi box but it has gone into mute on its own – red mute on right top corner and I have tried while film is playing to adjust the sound etc but still doesnt work, does anyone know how to make the sound come back please? thanks

    • Peter

      This happened to me several months ago. You need a keyboard to fit this. There’s info online — if the page below doesn’t have the right shortcut, keep looking.

      • rob

        If you are still stuck in mute mode using a USB key board try control f4 + this should restore your sound

    • Brian Seamon

      unplug it wait 10 sec plug back in your sound is back!
      happens on my m8 box now n then

  • Peter

    I bought an Element Ti4. it’s a nice box with lots of pre-loaded apps, including Kodi, but it has a small hard drive that fills up fast. So I bit the bullet and bought an Nvidia Shield with large hard drive. Definitely worth the extra money — loads super fast, and it never runs out of space so I’ve gone nuts with some great Kodi addons. Doesn’t have app support for Amazon Prime but I use it for Kodi, Hulu, and Netflix while my Roku 4 handles other apps.

  • Dinesh

    I bit confused @ purchasing latest version of tv box having android 5.1 or higher and having inbuilt kodi Jarvis or crypton and having 4gb ram and 32gb rom
    Can anyone help in finding these versions please with prises?

  • Can you connect a 64g usb drive to store more apps?

    • Case

      Yes you can connect 64GB drive to it if it has USB slots.

  • Bev McQuain

    My new 4K Lg TV will not accept my Inl3D Kodi set-top box. Do you know if Lg is deliberately incompatible with ALL Kodi devices? If I switch to a Vizio 4K TV. Is it also designed to be incompatible with Kodi loaded Free TV devices?

    • Luke

      Most likely a bad box or bad player.

      • Bev McQuain

        Nope! Box checked out perfectly. Lg support says their 4K is deliberately designed to reject “Free streaming boxes” (ie with Kodi loaded). I’ve now discovered that Vizio is the same. Probably to force you to use their loaded streaming sites that require payment.

        • Luke

          I’m sending you a email to the email you used for this comment.

          • James

            Hi guys,

            I’m about to purchase a Hisense series 7 (H10 to non-Australians) and was planning on watching everything through an android box. Do we think this won’t be possible then?

            Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Bev McQuain

    If you find if and/or how to load my INL3D box to Lg’s 4KUH1600, please let me know.

  • Rene Macay


    I’m new to this forum and not sure if this had already been asked already.. But can Nvidia Shield stream cloud TV apps to watch some live TV programs? Or would i have to purchase a IPTV android box for example: Avov TVOnline2 or + etc?

  • Leigh

    Do you need a Smart TV for these boxes? I’ve got an older 4-5 year TV

    • Jojobobo

      If you have an HDMI port you are good.

  • NinerED

    Does it get N F L games, or N F L network?

  • forrestnettles

    Can you run an external antenna into any of these to pick up local channels? Or any other way to get local channels?

  • Noah Bodie

    How does the controller and or remote work for the Nvidia Shield?
    I have a friend that picked up a G-box Q and he mentioned that the remote isn’t really that good.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Lucas Arnott

    Hey, my experience encouraging me to suggest you to include “Gostreamer” M8 Quad Core Android Kit Kat TV Box Media Player HD WIFI Kodi and XBMC Gotham Streamer. It has also very nice features.Hope it helps you.

  • Robin L Poling

    can someone email me and tell me the best Kodi box to get that will have sports on it. it is for a Christmas gift for my husband thanks so much

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