Medical Cost Containment Strategies

Look at the Total Loss Costs (TLC), Not Just the Line-by-Line Items. The best technique to control medical costs in workers’ compensation is a Total Loss Cost (TLC) approach. To be truly effective in controlling the medical cost of workers’ compensation, employers and insurers should not limit their medical cost containment efforts to only one […]

Managing the Medical Foods Dilemma

Managing the Medical Foods Dilemma (PDF opens in new window) A Progressive Medical Services Study Medical foods are increasingly being dispensed to treat cases of chronic disorders and pain associated with on-the-job injuries. Limited clinical evidence of their effectiveness, how they are regulated and ineffective measures to control dispensing, make managing medical foods challenging for […]

7 Ways to Make Medical Visits for WC Claims More Productive

By WCK Staff – November 2008 Some thoughts from the MD’s perspective on how to make your employees’ visits with an occupational physician more productive. 7 Medical Care Steps to Improve Your WC Program Establishing cooperative relationships before-hand is essential. What is key is having the medical advisor available to call the treating physician. This […]

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