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Workers’ Comp Kit® Improvement Plan Overview

Workers’ Comp Kit® is a systematic approach to managing your workers’ compensation costs. It is a comprehensive program which addresses each aspect of a company’s policies and procedures that impact workplace injuries. It is not a “quick fix”… It’s a comprehensive fix!! There are 10 modules which together make up a complete cost reduction program. […]

Workers’ Comp Kit® Improvement Plan

Workers’ Compensation Improvement Plan Steps Assessment & Recommendation Design & Development Training & Implementation Monitoring & Management 14 Steps in Four Phases Long-Term Reduction of Your Workers' Comp Costs   ASSESSMENT & RECOMMENDATION PHASE Steps 1 through 9 The steps in the Assessment & Recommendation Phase involve selecting a team and gathering information about your current […]

Snapshot Recommendations for Improvement

SAMPLE DOCUMENT ONLY Injury Management Tool Kit TM Recommendations for Improvement Insurance Company and Claims Administration Click to View Recommendations What is the most important factor in selecting a claims administrator? Your Answer: Excellent Customer Service Recommendation: Excellent quality claims handling and responsive customer service are necessary to reduce the cost of your claims. Focus […]

Snapshot Benchmarking Report

Snapshot Best Practice Profile

Workers’ Compensation Areas of Assessment

While you might think of Workers' Comp as a legal problem, it is really more of a management issue. Even though the laws form the basis of the entitlement, it is a failure of processes which allow employees to remain out of work for long periods of time. Our assessment will show your strengths and […]

National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™

A Workers’ Comp Best Practices Assessment Best Practices apply to 99% of all situations, but sometimes terminology might be slightly different. Some businesses prefer to tailor or customize the assessment to be industry-specific or company-specific. Corporations customize the assessment to fit their company’s terminology. Insurance companies customize the assessment to align with their unique underwriting […]

National Workers’ Compensation Management Score Tracker™

Your National Workers’ Compensation Management Score™ is a key to successful implementation as you measure your progress in the critical areas over time. Use the National Workers’ Compensation Management Score Tracker™ to measure the specific WC Management components and how they affect your overall success rate. Use the National Workers’ Compensation Management Score Tracker™ to […]


THE DELUXE COST REDUCTION MODULES Tools, tools, and more tools. With the Deluxe Cost Reduction Package, you'll have all of the educational information included in the basic package PLUS these important hands-on tools: Employee brochures Physician brochures Guidebook for supervisors Training presentation for management Training presentation for supervisors  You also receive over 71 forms* to […]

Professional Development Resource

Learn How to Reduce Workers Comp Costs 20% to 50%"Workers Compensation Management Program: Reduce Costs 20% to 50%"
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