How Much Is Workers Compensation Insurance?

    When you open or run a business, you need to determine whether workers’ compensation coverage is required. It probably is! How much is workers’ compensation insurance? The cost of workers’ compensation varies depending on the number of employees, how risky your business is, and whether any of your employees were injured in the […]

“Pay As You Go” Workers’ Compensation Programs

Weekly or Monthly Payment Plans for Workers Comp The payment of a large annual lump sum or even quarterly payments for workers’ compensation insurance coverage can be an expense that is difficult to budget for. The cost of buying work comp coverage is based on an estimate of annual payroll at the inception of the […]

What Happens After You Buy Workers’ Comp Insurance?

After your workers’ compensation policy is purchased you can rest assured that your financial obligations for a work-related injury claim will be met and associated expenses paid, however, there’s still work to be done. 1. Read Your Policy This is a contract and you should understand your obligations and the provisions. Talk with your agent […]

Who is Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Figuring out who is considered a covered employee for purposes of workers compensation can often be a tricky matter and sometimes even a source of litigation when the subject of a claim. Each jurisdiction varies and each case should be evaluated on its own merits. That said, there are similar basic principles to reference in […]

The Cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

While the cost of workers’ compensation insurance varies from state to state, the process to calculate the cost is about the same for all states. The key factors in the cost of work comp insurance for a business include: The amount of payroll for the company The frequency and severity of injuries The risk classification […]

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